Thursday, December 02, 2021

Music A to Z: Z

Welcome to this week's edition of my Music A to Z feature. Normally, each week on Thursday, I am going to share a song where either the song or the artist name begins with the letter for that week. This week, the letter is....


And so we come to the end. Actually, not quite. Next week I am planning to do some numbers songs and then maybe some Christmas songs and then we will be at the end. So what songs have I chosen for the letter Z

Zebra by John Butler Trio - I would love to see these guys live, even though I only know one of their albums.

Zombie by The Cranberries - This song very firmly places me back in the mid 90s travelling around Europe every time I hear it.

Do you have any Z songs or artists? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Oh I loved Zombie when it came out and still do like listening to the Cranberries. Shame Delores O'Riodan died, she had a wonderful voice and range.

    I can't tink of anything to contribute this week as Zombies was all I had. Fun feature you did this year, Marg!

  2. I thought ZZ Top would be here for sure! Sharp Dressed Man