Monday, September 13, 2021

This Week ...


I'm reading....

Do you ever get a sense of satisfaction when you read a book that has been out for a while now, lots of people have recommended it and you finally get around to reading it? And you enjoy it! That is me this week having just finished The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. I know, I know, I can't believe I hadn't read it yet either. I will say I was quite surprised by how  steamy it was. I am not sure why, but I wasn't really expecting that. Now to read the next two books.

I think that my next book is going to be The Black Swan of Paris by Karen Robards. I currently have it out from the library and I have just discovered that the return chutes are open, so I will read this one so that I can return it and maybe pick up something new. The return chutes weren't open at all during the last lockdown. Maybe I should try and reborrow a couple of the books I didn't get around to reading last time even though I had them here for months! That's a good  idea!

I'm watching....

The last few weeks on a Friday night we have watched Jack Whitehall's Travels with my Father. Last week we watched the two episodes set in Australia which was fun. Now we wait for the new season to come out, which might be this week I think, and then we will need to find a new Friday night show!

Over the weekend, the movie Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn came on so we sat and watched that. I am not sure why but we watch everything Marvel as it comes out but not nearly as much in the DC Comics world. I really liked the first Wonder Woman movie but haven't yet managed to watch the follow up. This movie definitely counts for RIP XVI

My big plan for this week is to watch all of the available episodes of season 2 of Ted Lasso. In preparation we spent our cold and rainy Sunday rewatching all of season 1. It's such a great show, full of heart, nuance and truths. It's funny....I did a training session a week or so ago on performance management and terminations and the presenter included a Ted Lasso quote as part of his presentation. That must be a sure sign of show making it right?


We were supposed to be going away this week but unfortunately the government says no. Originally I was taking two weeks off but instead we are taking one week and just spending it at home. There are a few things on my to do list. Might start packing up my books and doing a cull along the way. Might do my nails. Have some TV to watch, some blogging to do, some books to read. And I have a few ideas of things to bake although I don't think that we should just eat the whole time we are at home. We'll see!

Music A-Z: O

Vintage Weekend Cooking: The Kitchen Child by Angela Carter

Weekend Cooking: Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe

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  1. Hope your week is good. During out Level 4 lockdown we couldn't return library books but they extended all the loans which was great! Now we can go back with masks and limit of 50 in library. Hope your week off goes well.

    1. That was the rule last time so I was surprised that I could return books this time.

  2. I was surprised by how steamy The Kiss Quotient was too! I remember listening to it on speaker phone with my RV windows open and rushing to stop it when I got to an unexpectedly descriptive part so that my close neighbor wouldn't hear! :-D

    I'm sorry that your vacation plans have had to change. I would be tempted to eat all the time if my husband decided to bake all the time. But we tend to travel on our stomachs anyway, so I'm not sure that being at home would make much of a difference on that front.

    We watch all the Marvel stuff too but DC tends to be too dark for me. I did like the first Wonder Woman as well but haven't watched 1984 yet.

    Enjoy your week off, whatever you do!

  3. I’m just about to start Helen’s third book, The Heart Principle.
    Enjoy your time off ..

    Wishing you a great reading week

  4. Jack Whitehall's father is so funny, I love to watch them together!

    Here is my link:

    1. I think that we will watch the new ones on Friday night!

  5. I have heard great things about this one, happy reading!

  6. I've been hearing alot about Ted Lasso but I don't have Apple TV. I hope you enjoy your books. Have a great week!

    1. Worth considering a free trial of AppleTV Yvonne!

  7. The Kiss Quotient was fun and highly recommend Ted Lasso.