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Blog Tour: The Girl from Paris by Ella Carey

Do you have authors that you don't really worry too much about reading the blurb to see what the book is going to be about because you know that you are going to read the book anyway? Ella Carey is one of those authors for me. Sometimes though, you get surprised and that has happened to me the last two times I read her books. 

I started merrily reading along about the characters called Vianne who lived in Paris with her parents and loved fashion, until suddenly

this book is set during WWI and the immediate aftermath!  Not in WWII, which is what I had assumed!

This book is the third book in the Daughters of New York trilogy which I think have consistently been Ella Carey's best books. We met Vianne in the first book where she was the trailblazing, successful businesswoman who provided inspiration to the main character, Lily Rose. Now, we learn Vianne's history, how she came to be who she is, and the events that shaped her.

Vianne lives with her parents in Paris. Her brother is off fighting, her older sister Anais is a battlefield nurse and her parents run a very successful antiques business. She has always been surrounded by beautiful things and she brings this love of beauty into her passion for designing clothes. More than anything she wants to work in the fashion industry. In the mean time, she designs dresses for her mother, sketching ideas for a career and life after the war is over that may never come to fruition.

In 1918, The family is gathered together for a rare celebration when tragedy strikes. Her sister and mother are killed in a bombing of their local church, and the tragedy breaks her father. Vianne singlehandedly keeps the antiques business running, until her brother comes home with a new wife and tells Vianne that she is no longer welcome in the family home or business.

Vianne decides to move to the bright lights of New York. Whilst on the ship, she has a chance meeting with influential society ladies who give her an introduction to the owner of an atelier (fashion house) in the city, and soon Vianne is making a name for herself as a designer.

Whilst living in New York brings success and a degree of freedom, there are still restrictions due to the differences in class between the women who work in the fashion house and those who are customers. One of those rules is that there can be no carousing with clients.  This is bad news for Vianne who is instantly attracted to Giorgio, the son of one of her clients, and someone who is well out of her class.

As Vianne navigates the difference between class, a forbidden relationship, the cutthroat world of fashion and making a new life in a new country, suddenly there is news from home that changes everything. 

I really enjoyed reading Vianne's story. We also got a few cameos from some of the older characters from the first book. I even enjoyed all the fashion talk. I am not that fussed about fashion at the best of times, and there have been times when I read books where the main character is a name dropping fashionista and I just feel a bit lost as they talk about famous designers, but while there was a lot of talk about fabric, patterns and accessories, it was still interesting to me in this book.

One of the thoughts that did cross my mind while I was reading is why aren't there more books that follow a character through both WW1 and WWII. I mean, Vianne is very young (let's say 18 or so) in 1918 then she would only be 39 at the commencement of the next war. Maybe it is that readers don't want to hear about people struggling through both of those experiences?

Rating 4/5

Thanks to Bookoutoure and Netgalley for my review copy

About the book:

Vianne rushes through the crowded streets of Paris as the German bombs begin to fall. As she rounds the corner she sees the familiar spires of the old church burst into flames. Too late, she realizes that her mother and sister are trapped inside…

Paris, 1918
. The end of war is in sight, and young seamstress Vianne Mercier is longing for the day when she can stop sewing military uniforms and start creating the beautiful dresses that she has been dreaming up in her head.

But just when it seems like peace is within reach, Vianne’s mother and sister are killed in a terrible air raid. To make matters worse, Vianne’s brother has returned home a changed man. Controlling and cruel, he presents Vianne with an ultimatum; give up her dreams of becoming a designer, or be forced onto the streets, penniless and alone.

With nothing left for her in Paris but sad memories, she decides to sail for New York. Determined not to look back, she throws herself into her new life—spending her days sewing dresses for wealthy Upper East Side women, and her evenings dancing the Charleston to Duke Ellington in the new downtown clubs. When Vianne meets handsome Italian Giorgio Conti, he encourages her career, and she feels safe for the first time since she lost her family.

Then news of a terrible accident compels Vianne to suddenly return to France, where she discovers proof of a wartime secret that changes everything she thought she knew about her family. Facing the threat of sickness and ruin, the people who forced Vianne out of her home now suddenly need her help.

Will Vianne find the courage to follow her heart, return to New York and her life with Giorgio? Or will duty bind her to the family she had left behind and force her to remain in France?

From Amazon Charts bestseller Ella Carey comes an utterly gripping and emotional historical wartime novel about the terrible choices people made during humanity’s darkest days. Fans of Fiona Valpy, Rhys Bowen and The Nightingale will adore this novel.

About the Author:

Ella Carey is the USA Today and Amazon charts bestselling author of eight novels of historical fiction, including the Secrets of Paris Series, published with Hachette imprint, Bookouture. Ella’s novels have reached over one million readers and have been translated into fourteen languages. Ella has recently signed a six book deal in Germany and a nine book deal in Denmark. Ella’s latest novels are A New York Secret, and The Lost Girl of Berlin, both published with Bookouture in 2021. The Girl from Paris is the third novel in this new series, and will publish in January, 2022. Ella has a music degree in classical piano, and an arts degree majoring in English and history. Her novels have been shortlisted for ARRA awards. For further information:


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