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Paris in July: Visiting The Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen

Whenever I read a book, I keep an eye out for quotes about several subjects. Those subjects include food, books, and of course, Paris, ready for Paris in July!

Today, I bring you the first of those which comes from the book The Riviera House by Natasha Riviera. I've been saving this quote since September last year!

The Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen were massive, a collection of fifteen different markets, each with its own personality and treasures, requiring a map or a guide or an inexhaustible sense of adventure for first-time visitors. Even Adam was impressed.

"We'll start at Marche Paul Bert Serpette," Remy said decisively. "It's expensive, but has something for everyone. We can search for bargains at the other markets later."

Antoinette and the Henry-Joneses followed Remy along Rue des Rosiers and in the marche Couvert and she watched with a grin as everyone's mouths dropped open and they stared at the cornucopia of strangeness: armour and chandeliers and marble mantlepieces and real stuffed animatls and bewitching diamonds and even a staircase for sale.

"I've got to say, I thought this was would be a drag but it's..." Adam halted in front of a gallery selling art and photographs. "Unbelievable. Look," he said to Remy. "There's one of the Dahl-Wolfe's we used. And," he peered closer. "It's numbered and signed. It's the real deal."

And there, on the wall was the picture of the women waiting for someone in front of a fireplace. Adam took out his wallet and bought it.

They all had immense fun for the next few hours. Even Matt seemed affable enough, not saying anything when Adam snapped a picture of Molly, mouth open in astonishment as she patted a stuffed lion in one of the stalls.

I am not really someone who loves markets, but I have to say this sounds like a fascinating place to visit, and a place that you could visit over and over again and still be surprised by it each time.

A few facts about Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen:

  • Founded in 1870
  • Has 14  areas of the market with different areas specialising in different types of items and around 1700 traders.
  • In Marché Dauphinen you will find Carré des Libraires, the bookseller's square (which could possibly tempt me to visit!)
  • Also in Marché Dauphine....a 1970's spaceship which can be found in the central square
  • Fourth most visited tourist site in France!

Below is a promo video from the website. Does this sound like the kind of place you would like to visit?


  1. Hi Marg, thanks for coming by. I'm slow checking in on PIJ posts and hoe to catch up but glad to see this one. I've never been to this one but to the marche at Vanves, which is similar (and I'm told a little less pricey but that's probably relative!). It's fun, just seeing the stuff you find -- half the time you don't know what it is, but it's fascinating!

  2. Interesting history about the market — I have been to a couple of the big flea-markets in Paris and to some of the special ones (like for books) and they are really fascinating.

    best… mae at

  3. Fabulous, thanks for sharing.

  4. My sister and I visited an outdoor flea market last April, filled with vendors and the many things they offered for sale. I'd like to visit this one. Maybe on my next visit!



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