Monday, August 15, 2022

This Week....


I'm reading....

I really struggle to find time to listen to audiobooks, so when I do listen it takes me forever to finish one. For example, I started listening to Love Stories by Trent Dalton months ago. Fortunately this is a series of short stories so it didn't matter that it took a long time to listen to it, but I am glad to say that I finished it this week! Yay! Now to choose the next one. I do think it will probably be the latest Jenny Colgan book because I have listened to that whole series on audio but we will see.

I also am struggling to find reading time at the moment becasue there is a lot going on, but I did start reading The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer last week.

I'm watching....

The main thing I have been watching over the last couple of weeks is the new series of My Kitchen Rules. Manu Fiedel is back but he has a new co-host, Nigella Lawson, the domestic goddess herself. It's funny because usually it is Manu that everyone goes wild for, but it is almost a case of Manu who when Nigella turns up.

I am not feeling great today so I ended up watching a very odd, no let's call it quirky, movie called Lost in Paris. I also finished watching the second season of Sweet Magnolias. Now I think I can find some viewing time to watch Virgin River, or Outlander, or Emily in Paris or...well there's a lot I could be watching.


Well we were supposed to be moving over the weekend just gone, but once again our situation changed and so we have had to postpone for two weeks. We did still go and lay down the grass in the backyard, which is an odd order to do things in but that was one of the things we couldn't change at the last minute.

We are gradually taking things over so the longer it takesto actually move the less the movers will have to move.

It's  all a bit stressful really.

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  1. i hope your move goes well. phew what a task. i didn't mind love stories but i just couldn't read trent dalton's fiction books. just a bit - i don't know what...

  2. We were supposed to move this past weekend as well, but the new condo has no water yet! Argh. Happy reading and stay stress free. Here's my list:

  3. I hope your move goes well. It sounds a bit chaotic. I listen to audiobooks while playing computer games or doing other computer stuff. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  4. That must be tough with the move. Having to delay like that. I struggle with audio too. I'd get so much more reading done if I could acclimate to audiobooks lol.

  5. I go through more audiobooks than print. This is because I have one in my ears when I am doing housework, sewing, cooking, or working in the garden. Between weeding and harvesting, the latter is taking a lot of time these days, so I am listening a lot!