Monday, October 24, 2022

This Week


I'm reading

This week was a Karen Swan week. I mentioned that I had started reading The Last Summer last weekend. I finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I then requested another book by her and picked up The Hidden Beach. I have read the first part and the set up is very interesting!

I also finished reading Lilac Skies, a review book for later this week. Let's just say sometimes you take a chance on an unusual setting or a book with very few reviews. Sometimes it works. Other times, not so much.

I'm watching

We went to see Mrs Harris Goes to Paris on Wednesday night! This was one of those movies  that I felt myself smiling all the way through, and where words like delightful and charming definitely apply.

 Here's the trailer

On Saturday afternoon I found myself watching an Elvis movie - GI Blues. I don't remember seeing it before and I can't remember the last time I watched one of his movies!

Saturday night we watched the final 6 episodes of Welcome to Wrexham! This was such a fun series to watch. And even though I knew the results before watching it, I was still riding the waves with it Wrexham played their final games! 


We took Max to puppy school for the first time this weekend, or rather to a Basic Manners class. Of course, he was top of the class, but he did make a liar of me. I was introducing him and saying how he is shy around new people and other dogs and then he proceeded to want to interact with all the other dogs!

In theory it should be my son taking him, but I think we might volunteer instead.


Not a lot to tell this week!

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  1. I can't remember the last time we went to the movies, sounds like a fun time! Max is adorable and it's nice to see a photo of you :-)

    1. Max is definitely adorable! Me, not so much!!

  2. I am reading The Love Hypothesis and it is so stinkin cute!

  3. Sounds like a busy but productive week. Puppy school looks like fun. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. It's definitely been worth going Kathy!

  4. Max is just adorable! Thanks for the heads up about Mrs Harris Goes to Paris. I might have to rent it out for watching at home!

    1. I will be watching it at home again when it is available Cheriee

  5. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris sounds good!