Thursday, December 22, 2022

Christmas Quotes: Flea Market Christmas Magic

Today's Christmas quote comes from the book Twenty One Nights in Paris. Whilst the title doesn't necessary tell you that this has anything to do with Christmas, but this book has quite a few Christmas references! Not to mention quotes about Paris!

Looking around desperately for shelter, she noticed shafts of warm light emerging from the gates of another market, painted a lurid yellow that was somewhat softened by the pine boughs hanging below the sign. prais the Lord, the market had a roof. Ren hurried in that direction, sighing when she reached shelter and the sleet no longer stabbed her nose.

There waas a thick warmth radiating from further inside and she followed the sensation as though drawn by a magnet. When she reached the source of the warmth, she could almost believe flea market Christmas magic did exist.

The warmth came from a wonderland of Christmas past. At the front stood a white carousel horse with a grey mane, finely sculpted, with a golden bridle and a glittering saddle. Carved wood panelling and antique mirrors adorned the walls, along with embroidered curtains with twisted rope tie-backs. A beautiful mahogany escritoire was off to one side, covered in letters addressed to 'Pere Noel'. Two fragrant Christmas trees stood in opposite corners of the space, glowing with lights. The moulded ornaments were plump and nostalgic - shiny pinecones, stars, baubles and Father Christmas. Some showed enough wear for Ren to guess that they were all vintage.

Opposite the escritoire, Ren found the source of the glorious warmth: an iron stove, with elegant scrollwork and glazed patterned tiles She tugged off her gloves and stepped forwards to warm her hand with blissful relief.

At the back of the stall, on a small platform covered by a Persian rug, stood the most extraordinary thing of all: Santa's sleigh. It was curved like a shell, with a space on the side to get in and out. The two benches were plush red velvet and the outside was decorated in the effusive, joyful golden ornamentation of the Bel Epoque, with leaves and plum swirls and a giant fake jewel. She guessed it had originally come from a carouset, but it was perfect for its new role. 

Two small children sat in the sleigh talking to the man himself, gazing with wide eyes at his bearded face and the red fur-lined robe. They were admiring their fists: two rustic horseeshoes that they clanged together, making a satisfying tone in the hushed market stand. 

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