Thursday, February 23, 2023

Musings on Music: The music of Roy Orbison

A couple of years ago I was doing Music A-Z where each week-ish I would share music beginning with the letter of the week. Last year I intended to do Musings on Music whenever there was something  I fancied talking about that. A new song, an old song, a concert we went to - anything really. But it turned out without the structure, the thoughts that I did have didn't really make it into blog posts. I am, however, going to give it another go.

I have had several posts kicking around in my head - songs we heard as we travelled around Europe, new songs that make me cry and we also have a few concerts coming up. 

A couple of weeks ago now, we went to see Damien Leith sing the songs of Roy Orbison, backed by his band and a full orchestra, and it was magical. Damien Leith was Australian Idol winner back in 2006. One of the songs that he sang during the show was Crying. And so began an ongoing association with the music of the Big O.

We went to the show with a friend that I work with. She was a last minute addition but it turned out to be fortuitous as Roy Orbison is her favourite artist of all time. So whilst I was not familiar with all the older songs, she knew every song, including this one

There is no way I couldn't mention the songs that are synonymous with Roy Orbison, including Blue Bayou, Oh Pretty Woman, Only the Lonely and so many more. It was a fabulous night! 

I did laugh at one point as one lady in the queue for the bathroom was questioning why they sang Drove All Night. Yes, Cindy Lauper did a version of this song and apparently Celine Dion as well, but so did Roy!

Last year we saw Leith do the songs of Lennon and McCartney and now Roy Orbison. We will definitely be keeping an eye for his future shows.

And in the mean time, I will continue to listen to more Big O!



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