Thursday, March 02, 2023

Musings on music: Del Amitri and Sting

It's been a big week when it comes to music for us. We have been to two live events and we have another one this week which I am very much looking forward to.

Last Thursday night we went to see Scottish band Del Amitri. Back in the very late 1980s and early 90s their album Change Everything was one of my favourite albums. I still love to listen to the big songs off it now. 

Memory is a really funny thing. I associate this album with driving all around Adelaide on multiple occasions with my friend Brigid. I didn't see her for many years and when we reconnected I mentioned this album and she had no recollection of it whatsoever. And yet for me, I always think of her when I hear a Del Amitri song.

The live show was so good. They played all the songs that I love, plus a few I didn't. It was also funny watching the crowd. I don't know if you've observed this, but if you go to a show where the crowd is of a certain age, there is a constant tussle between the people who want to get up and dance and the people who want the crowd to sit down sedately and enjoy the show from their seat.  We've seen this happen at multiple concerts. This played out as there were a couple of very excited fans who wanted to dance to all the songs. The security guard, who was just doing his job, kept on going down and telling them to sit down. After this happened a few times, the security guy was stopped by another crowd member who said something along the lines of leave them alone. Next thing, the crowd is going crazy, and there is a guy shouting out "Everyone stand up. They can't throw us all out!"

Here is one of my favourite songs from them

On Saturday evening, we headed out to a winery about 85kms from us where they regularly hold an event called A Day on the Green. This is an outdoor concert which starts around 5pm and it goes on into the evening. I have seen Elton John there before as well as Cold Chisel and other Aussie bands.

This time we saw Sting live, supported by his son Joe Sumner and Aussie singer James Reyne.  I would have said that whilst I have always liked several of Sting's songs, I wouldn't have called myself a super fan. After seeing him perform I am now definitely more of a fan. I have already said that if he comes to Australia again we are definitely going to see him again.

Sting had most of the crowd up on their feet from the first song and most of them stayed standing for the whole concert! Outstanding, or should that be upstanding! 

There are so many great Sting/Police songs, it's hard to know which song to share, so I am going with this one.

What's your favourite Sting or The Police song?


  1. OMG, I used to love Del Amitri too! I can't believe I'd forgotten all about them. I envisage an afternoon spent wandering down memory lane on YouTube! Thanks for the reminder and I 'm glad they still put on a great gig

    1. I hope you did take a trip down memory lane Stephanie Jane!