Thursday, March 09, 2023

Musings on Music: Ed Sheeran

On Friday night we joined around 110000 other fans to see Ed Sheeran perform live at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This is the largest ticketed crowd at a concert in Australia and Ed Sheeran's biggest crowd ever. And we were there!

This is actually the third time I have seen Ed in concert. Each time the event has been bigger than the time before. I can't even think how he will go bigger than this one! Whatever he does, we will be going for sure!

This was a concert with a round stage in the middle of the oval and he was very good at performing to the whole crowd which can't be easy. Let's put it this way - he definitely did more than 10000 steps on Friday night!

Ed Sheeran's song Perfect is a very special song for us. The version of the song that he did with Andrea Bocelli is our wedding song. We like that version because my husband loves classical music so that mixture of love song and classical music is our jam. Here's a clip from the concert which includes a glimpse of my pretty close to perfect husband!

There were so many great moments during this concert! One standout moment was when he sang a song that he wrote for Justin Bieber called Love Yourself. This is not the only song that these two have worked on together. The crowd (and me) really enjoyed the line "My mama don't like you and she likes everyone"

Whilst there was a band for some of the songs, I think my favourite parts of the show were the parts  which were just Ed, his guitar and the looper. The way he can just create a wall of sound by just adding layer after layer on the loop is just amazing!

There are so many songs  I love but this one was one that the crowd went wild!

I have one more big concert in the next week and then there is a bit of a break for a while, but there are more concerts coming!


  1. that looks very - entertaining :) Must have been great to be in such a huge happy crowd.

  2. Wow! It sounds like quite the show! My husband and I got married in 2004, well before Ed Sheeran was even out of school :-) My cousin's wedding song was Thinking Out Loud though. Every time I hear that song now I think of her and her husband dancing and her mermaid dress flaring out around their feet as he spun her around.

    1. What a lovely memory to have! Thinking Out Loud was briefly my wedding song too, before I had anyone to marry! I posted about it here



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