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Blog tour: In the Greek Midwinter by Mandy Baggot

Once upon a time if you mentioned travelling to Europe, my first thought would be France. These days, I am a little more equal opportunity and the thought of France will be folowed pretty quickly to Italy, and more recently, Greece. I seem to be going through some kind of Greek period. I've bought a Greek cookbook, watched movies set in Greece, and one of my close friends recently visited so I was living vicariously through her photos.

Jen also had a plan to visit Paris on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, David. Unfortunately David needs to cancel  the trip as he needs to take a last minute trip to Athens for work. Jen's friend Bonnie is determined to make the romantic trip still work so she convinces Jen to head to Athens and surprise David. Let's just say things don't exactly go to plan.

Jen loves Christmas, and she even owns a party/events company called Christmas Every Day. This is her busiest time of the year, and she really needs this year to be successful, as the business is struggling a bit, well, a lot. She hasn't told anyone that things are so bad that she has had to give up her flat. Given how badly things are going, the disastrous trip to Athens is the last thing she needs, but a series of unfortunate events means that she is unable to get home. She therefore has to rely on her Ukrainian assistant Natalia, to keep her business afloat, whatever it takes.

In directly inverse proportions, Astro hates Christmas, and he wants to ensure that not even the slightest hint of Christmas enters into the bar he works at. Unfortunately, his co-workers have decided that a bit of festive cheer is exactly what the accountant has ordered. Among them are a young boy called  Achilles whose mother works hard to just make ends meet and Astro's uncle Phillipos is at a cross roads in his life

When Jen stumbles into Astro's bar, little do they know that their path's will continue to cross. Soon Astro is showing Jen the real Athens, and revealing the secrets that he has kept hidden for so long. And Jen is sharing her truths, including her very rough childhood, and the reasons why she loves Christmas so much.

I must confess that I haven't really ever considered what Athens would be like as a Christmassy destination but the world that the author shares with us in the pages of this book is definitely one that sounds enticing. We do visit the obvious sites such as the Parthenon, but Astro also shows her off the beaten track locations - the real Athens.

Overall I enjoyed this book. There were times when everything felt a bit frantic, especially as Jen tried to manage her business issues back home from a distance, with David and to get home. I really loved the final scenes. I also loved seeing Athens in a different light! 

I have read one other Mandy Baggot book set in Greece. Now I need to find some time to read more!

Thanks to the publisher, Netgalley and Rachel's Random Resources for the opportunity to read this book

About the book

In the Greek Midwinter

It was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime…

But when Jen’s boyfriend David suddenly cancels their romantic Paris trip, needing to urgently travel to Athens for work, it’s best friend Bonnie who suggests they surprise him.

Having already booked the time off from her events company – Christmas Every Day – Jen decides an impromptu and romantic gesture might be just what their relationship needs?

Arriving in Greece and finding David is not there, Jen has a lot of questions. And when she gets her answers she has a choice – should she go home or should she stay a while?

With the help of Astro, the handsome yet Christmas-hating waiter from the local bar, she sets about a little Greek Christmas research. But what starts as a ‘business trip’ soon turns into something more…

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About the Author

Mandy Baggot is a bestselling romance writer who loves giving readers that happy-ever-after. From sunshine romantic comedies set in Greece, to cosy curl-up winter reads, she's bringing gorgeous heroes and strong heroines readers can relate to. Mandy splits her time between Salisbury, Wiltshire and Corfu, Greece and has a passion for books, food, racehorses and all things Greek!

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