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Blog Tour: Snow Days with You by Leonie Mack

It’s fair to say that the idea of living in the French Alps, with mountains covered in snow, skiing, mountain climbing etc is completely foreign to me. I mean, I live in Australia. We do have snow regularly a couple of hours away from me, but it is something that you go and make a special effort to see as opposed to something you expect to see., or that you live and work in. It's enough snow to ski on, and of course, has its dangers. To make it even more foreign to me I was reading this book when I was on holidays in Hawaii – not a place known for it’s snow.

Luna Rowntree is supposed to be heading to her cousin's house in Sheffield, but she makes an impulsive decision, instead heading to the town of Chamonix in the French Alps. Months before she had received a significant inheritance from a man she had never heard of before and she doesn't know why. She doesn't feel comfortable spending any of the inheritance until she knows that it is really meant for her.

As this was an impulsive decision, Luna is ill prepared. She doesn't have the correct tyres or snow chains, or the right shoes or clothes. When she runs out of petrol outside the headquarters of the elite mountain rescue squadron of the French Gendarmerie Nationale, the PGHM (the Peloton de gendarmerie de haute montagne) she meets a gendarme who assists her to find somewhere to stay for a few day.

Luna is determined to find out more about her mystery benefactor. She does know that he is somehow linked to this town, as her mother lived here briefly before she was born. she starts asking questions, which once again brings her into contact with Yannick.

Whilst Luna is searching for answers, it seems as though Yannick is hiding from life. He is an experienced rescuer, one of the best, but that isn't enough to prevent him from being traumatised by the rescues that went wrong. His marriage is over and he knows that a lot of that is to do with the pressures and dangers associated with the job so he is reticent to get involved with anyone His biggest joy in life is his young daughter who loves to ski with him, much to his ex-wife's annoyance.

It seems that for Luna to get the answers she needs, she will need to ski and climb the mountains, and Yannick is the one to teach her. In return, Luna will teach the members of the PGHM how to use English in emergency situations.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved how Luna and Yannick were together, even before they were together, together. Yannick was patient and gentle with Luna as he taught her some unlikely skills such as skiiing and mountain climbing. He also helped her piece together a past that seemed very different to the past that her mother had told her about.

I liked reading about the work of the PGHM. It is incredibly vital and dangerous work, rescuing people who find themselves injured or lost on the mountains. These are people who put their lives at risk to save others and it was fascinating to read about their lives, and to see the camaraderie which exists amongst such close knit groups.

I have read several of Leonie Mack's books now. One was set in Paris, one in Italy, and now this one set Chamonix. What they all have in common is the sense of place that the author is able to convey. I can't wait to find out where Leonie Mack will be taking us next!

Thanks to Netgalley, Rachel's Random Resources and Boldwood Publishers for the opportunity to read this book. Check out other reviews on the blog tour stops below

About the book

Snow Days With You

When Luna Rowntree gets an unexpected and life-changing legacy from a man she’s never met, she’s determined to find out why – even if it is Christmas Day and her family are expecting her.

So, with only her mother’s ashes for company – it’s a long story, but Luna knows her mother would have wanted to come on the adventure too – Luna sets off in her trusty Astra to the skiing resort in Chamonix, where her mysterious benefactor had lived.

But her little car isn’t designed for driving through snow-covered mountains, and when she runs out of fuel heart-breakingly close to Chamonix, Luna is relieved to be saved by her very own knight-in-shining armour. Well, knight in mountain rescue uniform anyway.

Yannick is charmed and baffled by Luna’s mission, and before he knows it, he has agreed to help. But Yannick has his own secrets calling him from the mountains, and his own reasons to run away. As he helps Luna understand her past he realises he has to face his as well if he’s ever going to risk opening his heart to love

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About the author

Leonie Mack is an author of romantic comedies with great international locations. Having lived in London for many years her home is now in Germany with her husband and three children. Leonie loves train travel, medieval towns, hiking and happy endings!

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