Thursday, December 21, 2023

2023 Christmas Ornaments

Now that my husband and I have been travelling together for a while, we have now got some pretty well established routines.

Firstly, we like to buy a fridge magnet, and then we buy Christmas ornaments, and then a new thing which we started over the last year is buying Pandora charms to add to my bracelet.

We just put up our Christmas tree for this year. We haven't over decorated it because are not wanting to provide too much temptation to the dogs, but we did put all the new ornaments on. Here are the ones we acquired in our travels this year

This one comes from Amsterdam. We did buy a glass one from Valkenburg which was a town we visited in the Netherlands where they hold Christmas markets inside a network of caves near the town but the ornament did not survive the trip home. I posted about the markets in the Netherlands last year. Re-reading the post make me wish we were going back this year, but we are not!

We got this one when we visited Bayeux

These ornaments look quite small in the picture but they are actually a set of three with the big one being about 12cm diameter. We got these at Chambord which is a chateau in the Loire Valley

We got both of these from Chenonceau which is another magnificent chateau in the Loire Valley. We had already bought the white and gold one when I saw the silver one as we were just leaving the gift shop so I had to have it!

No prizes for guessing where this one was from!!

This one comes from Naples, which was a surprisingly Christmassy city! There was a whole lane in the old town dedicated to Christmas!

Fast forward to October and we were on another trip. This ornament looks more like our Christmases but this ornament is actually from Hawaii

And here is our final new ornament for this year from Vancouver.

Here is the tree (without the makeshift fence to keep out the doggos). We didn't really need the fire on because it was quite warm on the day we put up the tree but it does look nice

And here are the doggos in question looking very innocent

I am sharing this post with the Virtual Advent tour hosted at Sprite Writes


  1. So many great memories on that tree! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Next year we will have found all the ornaments from previous trips too!

  2. I love ornaments that remind me of a place but I don't think I've been as good as hunting them down as you! However, I participate in an ornament exchange every year with fans of the Betsy-Tacy books and I have received some wonderful ornaments over the years. I shared this on Sprite's Virtual Advent Tour several years ago:

  3. That sounds like a lovely tradition!