Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Christmas quotes: On traditions

Every year, I share some Christmas related quotes from books I have read during the year, or at some point anyway. This is actually one from a couple of years ago, that I never quite getting around to posting!

This quote is from The Christmas Party by Karen Swan and I am reminded that it has been far too long since I read one of her books!

It was her favourite day of the year. Not Christmas Day itself, with the presents and the turkey and the television specials, but this one, when anticipation beat revelation. Just the spectacle of it made Pip's  skin prickle: two hundred faces lit up by flickering tea lights held in home-decorated jam jars, carols sung with white breath that hung in the night air, the church choir warm in heavy cassocks, children running between adults' legs, everyone clustered around the Christmas tree like some ancient village elder, the welcoming lights of the Hare shining in the background....None of the villagers ever missed this and Pip knew she wasn't alone in treasuring this annual tradition.

Ottie came back with their glasses of mulled wine, seemingly on a mission to get them all drunk - this was their third in twenty minutes. Pip hated the stuff but was drinking it nevertheless; it was the only fitting drink for tonight.

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