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Blog tour: Happy Ever After in Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen


Cass Marshall has watched one of her best friends, Greta, fall in love but she knows that her chance for love is well and truly gone. She was badly burned years ago and she is not going back Although...she has always had a bit of a thing for Greta's ex, Mick, but she knows that she could ever act on that attraction. After all, Mick had a reputation for being a ladies man back in the day.

The reality is Cass doesn't have time for romance anyway. Her mother is in a nursing home. Some days she recognises Cass but most of the time she doesn't. And Cass is bearing this burden alone as her sister lives in London. What she doesn't expect that her sister will send her nephew Justin to live with her to get him away from a bad crowd.  The biggest issue with Justin really appears to be that he doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps.

Mick has now accepted that his ex Greta has moved on, so he is throwing himself into his business running a whale watching business. However, he and his brother have responsibility for ensuring that theirdad is getting adequate care, and so he too has a parent in the nursing home.

Cass and Mick keep on running into each other, especially after he offers Justin the opportunity to work with him on the boat. But Mick isn't the only man who has his eye on Cass. Her ex, a successful TV anchor, is back in town and he wants to reignite the relationship which floundered so long ago, and he isn't going to take no for any answer. 

Despite the challenges that are put in their ways, Cass and Mick find a way to begin to explore their feelings, but will their relationship be able to get off the ground?

Once again, there are plenty of familiar characters that we have met over the course of the last 9 books, including Ruby Sullivan who once again has a prediction for our pair.

In some ways it is quite bittersweet to read this final book in the Bellbird Bay series. I followed from Granite Springs to Bellbird Bay and I will definitely follow again to Pelican Crossing! We did take a brief trip to Pelican Crossing in the pages of this book.

This book counts for both new release challenge and What's in a Name Challenge. I am using this for the "double letters" prompt

Given that this is the last book in this series, I thought I would share the links to all the Bellbird Bay reviews I have previously shared 

Coming Home to Bellbird Bay

Thank you to the author and Rachel's Random Resources for the review copy.

Rating 4/5

About the Book

Happy Ever After in Bellbird Bay

It’s been over twenty years since Cass Marshall’s relationship fell apart, and she returned home to Bellbird Bay. Now, although happy with the success of her beachwear business, Cass often longs for someone special to share her life.

Nursing the wounds of a failed marriage, Mick Roberts has finally accepted his ex has moved on with her life. Determined to avoid his daughter’s attempts at matchmaking, he immerses himself in his whale-watching business.

When family sickness brings the two together, Cass wonders if her life is about to take a turn for the better. But with Mick’s ex-wife also being Cass’s best friend, a seed of doubt emerges.

This doubt intensifies when Cass’s recently widowed ex arrives in town, determined to use any means to drive a wedge between Cass and Mick as he fights for a second chance.

Can Bellbird Bay work its magic again and provide a happy ever after for Cass and Mick, or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives alone?

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About the author –

After a career in education, Maggie Christensen began writing romantic women’s fiction, feel good stories of second chances. Her travels inspire her writing, be it her trips to visit family in Scotland, in Oregon, USA or her home on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Maggie writes of mature heroines coming to terms with changes in their lives and the heroes worthy of them. Maggie has been called the queen of mature age fiction and her writing has been described by one reviewer as like a nice warm cup of tea. It is warm, nourishing, comforting and embracing.

From the small town in Scotland where she grew up, Maggie was lured to Australia by the call to ‘Come and teach in the sun’. Once there, she worked as a primary school teacher, university lecturer and in educational management. Now living with her husband of over thirty years on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, she loves walking on the deserted beach in the early mornings and having coffee by the river on weekends. Her days are spent surrounded by books, either reading or writing them – her idea of heaven!

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  1. Thanks so much, Mary 😊

  2. From Scotland to the Sunshine Coast. It seems the author has a great life. And Bellbird seems like a good place to be!

    1. It would be a lovely place to visit for sure!



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