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Blog Tour: Making Memories at the Cornish Cove by Kim Nash


When I was thinking about how to start this review, I contemplated saying something along the lines of my destination not being as exotic as some of my recent reads which were set in Greece and Italy, but that probably isn't really fair. I mean, if I got offered a trip to Cornwall I wouldn't really say no!

This is the third book in the Cornish Cove series and this book stars Lydia, who is the mother of Meredith (aka Mere), the main character in the second book. Lydia has moved to Driftwood Bay from America after her fifth marriage failed. However, Lydia has spent quite a bit of time working on herself and so finally finds herself settled in the town and building on her relationship with her daughter.

She enjoys her routine in town, which includes yoga on the beach and spending time with her neighbour and other friends including Martin, who Mere's partner's father. What she knows is that she has no intention of getting romantically involved with anyone - five husbands is more than enough for her, thank you very much!

When she receives a box from her ex-husbands house in America, her memories of her younger life come flooding back. A life where dance was important but one she gave up when her life was turned upside down.

Parts of this book are like a mix between a show like Strictly Come Dancing and The Repair Shop.When Martin asks Lydia to be his partner in a dance competition, her competitive streak is revealed. Soon Martin and Lydia are spending time together practicing their dancing. They also work together in comfortable companionship as they repair several beloved items in Martin's workshop which is a converted church. We love the TV Show The Repair Shop so this part of the book was a real pleasure.

This book was interesting to me in some ways. One of the things that I really related to in the last book was the difficult relationship between Mere and her mother. This book is all about the repaired relationship between the two. Whilst there clearly still room for growth, great strides have been made in their relationship. It's not something I see happening in my own life really.

Once again, I have enjoyed my time in Driftwood Bay, and will read the next book from Kim Nash whenever it becomes available!!

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Rating 4/5

Making Memories at the Cornish Cove

It’s never too late…

After five husbands and five broken hearts, Lydia feels like she’s always been chasing something. But now she’s found her purpose, and having moved to Driftwood Bay to spend more time with her daughter Meredith, she’s happier than ever.

But there’s still life in these old bones yet! With her newfound sense of identity, she’s keen to re-explore the things that made her happy as a younger person. Lydia’s passion was dancing – she used to compete in her younger years, and there’s no place she’s more at home than on the dancefloor.

So when widower and antiques restorer Martin tells her about a big dance competition, she’s ready and raring to bring more joy into her life. But while making memories with Martin, the more she realises that both of their hearts need restoring too...

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About the Author

Kim Nash is an author of uplifting, funny, heartwarming, romantic, feel-good fiction and has wanted to write books since she was a little girl. The Cornish Cove series is set in the fictional seaside village of Driftwood Bay in Cornwall and is published by Boldwood Books. She lives in Staffordshire with her son Ollie and English Setter rescue dog Roni, is Digital Publicity Director for publisher Bookouture (a division of Hachette UK) and is a book blogger.

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  1. This series sounds fun. I would enjoy that setting. I especially love books that feature American heroines in British settings (my fantasy come true!).