Monday, April 29, 2024

This week.....

I'm reading

Last week I had started reading Mastering the Art of French murder by Colleen Cambridge, which is the latest Cook the Books selection. Now I am thinking about what I might make so that I can do a post. I have a couple of ideas but no firm decision yet.

I have now started reading A Greek Island Escape by Kate Frost. Yes, I am back travelling around Europe through the pages of a book.I need to hurry up with this one as I am supposed to review it this week.

I haven't  really made any progress on my audiobook. Maybe this week.

I'm watching

Not much really


We actually had a pretty busy week, especially given that we only worked 3 days. It was a public holiday for Anzac Day on Thursday and then we took Friday off as well. On Friday we spent the afternoon visiting Lume which has a new exhibition all about the works of Leonardo da Vinci. It was really lovely. We spent nearly 2 hours there, and even then I could have spent longer!

On Saturday, we drove up to Bendigo and went to the Paris: Impressions of Life 1880 to 1925 and it was full of artefacts from Musee Carnavale in Paris.  We love the way the Bendigo Art Gallery puts it's exhibitions together and this was no exception.

As part of the visit we listened to French-Australian chef Gabriel Gate who talked about his own food history as well as the history of French restaurants and cooking. It was a lovely day.

And then on Sunday, my stepdaughter left to move to the UK for a while. It was very emotional at the airport, but she got on the plane and is just about to land as I type this. We will be going to visit in 14 weeks or so, but who's counting.

And in case you missed it, over the weekend, I unveiled my new blog look. There are a couple of kinks but I will figure them out in due course. 

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  1. I love your new look! It's amazing. Kudos to the work it took and I know it feels risky to change it up after all that time :)

    1. Thank Shellie! It is a big change but I like it!

  2. The photo is great - it is exactly the way I imagined you!

    1. Thanks CLM - if you can't look good on your wedding day when will you?