Saturday, April 06, 2024

Weekend cooking: What I baked (In My Kitchen) in March

The first Saturday of the month is when I share all the things that I baked in the previous month. This month there is very much an Easter theme, which I suppose isn't that surprising.

My first bake in March was Figolli which is a Maltese Easter treat.

I wrote a post last weekend all about going to a cooking class to make Figolli, but I had a blogging disaster over the weekend.  I had been so tired on Thursday night that I didn't just finish off my Saturday post so I thought I would just use the Blogger app to just do the last bit while we were away for the weekend. That was a mistake. That removed all the photos and added in about 50 paragraph lines for each time I wanted a break. So above is a picture of the finished product, but I will repost about my experience of making figolli next week!

I also attempted to make Hot Cross Buns. I made them a few years ago but they were more like hot cross rocks. This time I used a different recipe, and they were better, but still not perfect. Maybe next year.

Last month I mentioned that I had bought a new cookbook, Meliz's Kitchen, and one of the key ingredients in many of the recipes is something called tatlı biber salçası which is a Turkish sweet red pepper paste. We tried a new recipe with it this week and now we are thinking about all the other things that we could use it for!

I am including a curveball this month.  A couple of weeks ago I shared about my reread of Relish by Lucy Knisley. When I first read it around 10 years ago. I shared an image of how to make carbonara. Given that today is National  Carbonara Day I thought I would share the image again

New recipes 

We only tried one new recipe this month which was a Baked Chicken Breast from Dinner by Nagi Maehashi. This is part of the section where she says what she would do with a pork chop, a chicken breast or a piece of fish. It was really simple, and really delicious! We will definitely make this again.

I have already tried two new recipes this week so will have more to share in this section next month.

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I am sharing this with In My Kitchen hosted at Sherry's Pickings

Weekly meals

Saturday -  
Sunday -  
Monday - chicken, onion, parsley wraps 
Tuesday - Pork Chop, mash and broccoli
Wednesday - Tomato and Halloumi Pasta 
Thursday - Takeaway
Friday - Spatchcock chicken and rice



  1. Your Easter Bunny Cake and hot cross buns looks so delicious and festive. I love the spices that goes into Turkish cooking and that paste sounds wonderful.

    1. I am definitely looking forward to discovering more uses for the pepper paste.

  2. Thanks for joining in this month Marg. I once wrote a blog post and then for some odd reason, opened another edit page and hit save thus wiping out my original post! Eek! I'm not brave enough to try making hot cross buns. I only just found out that hot cross buns are pretty much only a British thing. I mean obvs not in other cultures but I mean the U.S. etc... Have a good month.

    1. Hot cross buns are definitely a British thing Sherry

  3. I used this red pepper paste on the weekend in a Spanish style seafood stew - it added such a good depth of flavour.

  4. I look forward to reading how you use that red pepper paste. Is it very hot in flavor?

    1. It's more sweet than spicy as far as I can tell

  5. Hot cross buns are hard to make! I do it every year, usually a few batches and one of them usually doesn't work out for no apparent reason, still haven't figured it out but since it's once a year I think I might not figure it out :)