Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bubbles Unbound by Sarah Strohmeyer

Take one less than successful hairdresser who has been trying for years to find another career until she decided that journalism was the way to go, add a bit of murder, a bit a mayhem, some crazy supporting characters, a sexy man and what have you got....Bubbles Yablonsky in Bubbles Unbound!

You could have been forgiven for thinking that I may have been talking about Stephanie Plum. It would have been understandable, especially seeing as the character of Bubbles was apparently thought up at Janet Evanovich's kitchen table and on the front cover of the version I had from the library was a blurb "in the fabulous tradition of Janet Evanovich". However, having now finished this book, I would say that Bubbles is a strong enough character to stand up on her own and hold her head high.

Bubbles has had quite an exciting day...she has just helped talk a former teacher out of jumping of the top of a bridge and is on her way to bail her mother out after she has been arrested for walking too far away from a shop wearing a $3000 dress. Accompanied by gorgeous hunk cameraman Steve Stilletto, they are taking a short cut across the park when they come across a body. Not far away, one of the most influential women in Lehigh is sitting in the drivers seat of a Range Rover. What is the woman's connection to the body, and what is her connection to a 10 year old murder that was called a suicide by the town police? Bubbles faces all sorts of danger as she tries to uncover the facts surrounding one of the most influential families in town, making enemies of them along the way.

Some of the other colourful characters include Bubbles daughter Jane who changes her hair colour every day, her ex husband Dan...I mean Chip, her mother LuLu and her friend Genevieve who team up to provide Bubbles with security, her offsider Doris and lots of others.

There are also several little beauty tips that Bubbles shares with us along the way!

There are currently four more books in this series and I will definitely be reading through them in due course!

Rating 4/5

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