Saturday, December 10, 2005

Aussie Christmas Traditions

I always tend to think that we have pretty boring Christmas (no snow etc etc) but then tonight I just realised that Carols by Candlelight (an Australian tradition) are probably not done in the same way anywhere else.

I just went to Carols by Candlelight in our area tonight. Most areas have one or more smaller events (the one tonight they estimated had about 5000 people in attendance) and then there is a big one in each of the major city where you could get 20000 or more people at.

When you go to Carols by Candlelight you take food and drink, friends and family, deckchairs and blankets and set up camp in effect. Tonight they had a couple of groups that performed before the actual carols portion began, but then as it gets towards dusk you start singing lots of carols. There might be solo performances, band performances. Tonight they even had a Story of Christmas parade with live donkeys and candles. Then it gets dark and everyone has their candles alight and it looks great!

At the larger events Santa will show up, although he didn't tonight because this one was put on by the churches in the area.

Overall it was very enjoyable..not too cold, in fact I think I got a little sunburnt!

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