Saturday, December 10, 2005

One Author, Many Pens Vs One Pen, Many Authors

There is a new series of books coming out on the wives of Henry VIII. They are being published under the name of Laurien Gardner, but apparently each of the six books in the series are being written by a completely different author! me anyway! The first book is already out, called The Spanish Bride, and then there will be five more.

I'm sure that this has been done before, but it seems like such a strange concept to me that I feel the need to ponder it a bit more. I don't understand what the authors stand to gain if their normal writing name is not connected to the project. If the project is successful then there will be no follow on affect or reader loyalty development for the actual author. The only reason I know about this is because Jennifer Ashley, author of a few pirate romances that I have read in the past, has said on her website that she is writing the second book in the series about Anne Boleyn. I have not however been able to track down who the other authors are.

I guess it is almost the opposite of those authors who write books under more than one name. For example, Elizabeth Peters (author of the Amelia Peabody books) is actually Barbara Mertz (who publishes non fiction Egyptology books under her real name) but also publishes romantic suspense under the name Barbara Michaels!

Confused? Me too!!

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