Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bubbles in Trouble by Sarah Strohmeyer

Ah Bubbles!!

The premise for this sounded so good. A couple of months after her adventures in Bubbles Unbound, Bubbles Yablonsky is pressed into service to investigate the death of her friend Janice's Uncle Elwood. He had been killed the night that Janice left town (and then vanished completely) rather than marry Mickey Zinkler. Bubbles' search for Janice, who was suspect numero uno takes her to Amish country, and Bubbles goes undercover, alternating between being Amish woman Sally Hansen, and herself while also investigating a case involving two young Amish boys who had been arrested for driving a stolen car.

Basically, it turns out that Amish country is actually a hot bed of criminal activity - murder, drugs, blackmail, dodgy property deals and more.

Whilst there were still some entertaining moments, they were patchy...and felt almost as though the author was trying too hard. A lot of the characters that we met in Bubbles Unbound were here - sexy Steve Stiletto, Bubbles' daughter Jane (who has a new boyfriend whose name is G), her mother Lulu and her friend Genevieve and lots of fun new characters. Overall this book was okay, but may have suffered from trying to maintain a frantic momentum from the first book. It wasn't however terrible, and I still will read more Bubbles Yablonsky books.

You can read my entry regarding Bubbles Unbound here.

Rating 3/5

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