Saturday, December 03, 2005

When cyber world and the real world collide

Today I met up with 8 people from my online group at

It's not the first time I have met up with someone I have met online but it is the first time I have met a group of people!

We met in the cafe at Borders - the logic behind that being that if people felt uncomfortable that there was always the bookstore to go and look through. In the end the only reason why we went anywhere near the bookshelves were to get out different versions of Paullina's books to check the covers!

Overall it was a fun day, and I am sure that we will be doing it again!


  1. Hi Marg, guess what I stumbled upon. It's Diana by the way, from the Paullina Forum. It was a great day on Saturday. :) I'll go through some of these listings of books you have here and let you know what I think after i've read them ofcourse.

  2. Hi Diana!

    Thanks for posting!



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