Thursday, May 18, 2006


Abbs, Annabel - The Language of Food
Acevedo, Elizabeth - With the Fire on High
Ackers, Elise K - Unforgettable
Adams, Lisa and Heath, John - Why We Read What We Read
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi - Half of a Yellow Sun
Aguirre, Ann - Grimspace
Ahern, Cecilia - P.S. I Love You
Albanese, Laurie and Morowitz, Laura - The Miracles of Prato
Alcott, Kate - The Dressmaker
Alexander, Robert - Rasputin's Daughter
Alexander, Robert - The Kitchen Boy
Alexander, Tasha - A Poisoned Season
Alexander, Tasha - And Only to Deceive
Alexandra, Belinda - Silver Wattle
Alison, Rosie - The Very Thought of You
Allbright, Ella - The Last Charm
Allen, Sarah Addison - Garden Spells
Allen, Sarah Addison - The Girl Who Chased the Moon 
Allen, Sarah Addison - The Peach Keeper
Amirrezvani, Anita - The Blood of Flowers
Anthony, Evelyn - Imperial Highness
Aoyama, Michiko - What You Are Looking For is in the Library
Armstrong, Diane - Empire Day
Armstrong, Kelley - Bitten
Armstrong, Kelley - Broken
Armstrong, Kelley - Dime Store Magic
Armstrong, Kelley - Frostbitten
Armstrong, Kelley - Haunted
Armstrong, Kelley - Industrial Magic
Armstrong, Kelley - No Humans Involved
Armstrong, Kelley - Personal Demon
Armstrong, Kelley - Stolen
Asher, Bridget - My Husband's Sweethearts
Ashley, Kristen - Own the Wind
Ashley, Kristen - Riding the Fire
Ashley, Melissa - The Naturalist of Amsterdam
Ashley, Philippa - Carrie Goes off the Map
Atkinson, Kate - Case Histories
Austen, Jane - Sense and Sensibility

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