Saturday, May 20, 2006

Reading Memories Meme

First saw this meme at The BlogJar, and then Kailana and Heather did it too, so I thought I might join in this time!

20 Years Ago: (age 15)

I had read just about every Jean Plaidy book that my school library had - my love of historical fiction started pretty early on.
My English teacher was an old nun that scared crap out of us, but she was a good teacher. I seem to remember reading Graham Greene.

10 Years Ago: (age 25)

I wasn't reading anything. Didn't read a book for years. I was living in Sheffield in the UK, in a pretty horrible apartment, with very little furniture, with a bloke who was (well still is) an idiot...only difference he isn't around anymore!

5 Years Ago: (age 30)
Still wasn't really reading. Aforementioned bloke was still around although not for much longer. We were back living in Adelaide in Australia and I had a full time job and a two year old child to look after.
I was made redundant from my job, but then offered the chance to come to Melbourne for three months to do the handover and have been here ever since.

3 Years ago: (age 32)

Started reading again, in particular remember reading the Outlander books.
Found the internet! Starting participating in online book clubs.
Read a few classics including Anna Karenina, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Last Year: (age 34)
Realise that I couldn't afford to keep buying books so starting using the library.
Bought a house.
Discovered audio books.
Starting blogging

This Month: (age 34)

Having a slow reading month - only 9 books so far, but one of them was huge!
Working on an index of reads

Booking some more

3 Favorite Reading Locations:

In bed
On the train
When driving to work (listening to audiobooks)

3 Reading habits:

I have to read books in order. Drives me to distraction if I start reading a book and then I discover it is part of a series.
I can have up to four or five different book going on at any one time. As long as they are different settings or types of books it doesn't worry me.
If I am really immersed in a book my son knows that that means he is going to have to sort out his own dinner...he's used to having cheese sandwiches by now!

3 Things that distract me:

My son
Sore Eyes

3 Characters I'd love to be:

Hmmm....Claire Randall Fraser, but only for the 'good' bits! Other than that I don't every really imagine myself being a character in a book.

3 Three Characters I despise:

Dimitri from The Bronze Horseman
All the Mrs Danvers from Jasper Fforde books....all those neat freaks in one place...scary!
Can't think of anyone else at the moment.

3 Favorite Book Beverages:

3 Favorite bookmarks:
There were these really nice bookmarks from the library that were free so I got them. Really I just use whatever bookmarks I have that I get for free from bookstores
Library receipts
Used train tickets

3 Dead Writers I'd love to meet:
Jean Plaidy (Eleanor Hibbert)

3 Alive Writers I'd love to meet:
Sharon Penman
Paullina Simons
Diana Gabaldon


  1. Now that I have read the first 'Outlander' novel, I understand what you mean about Claire. Hopefully I have caught up on my sleep enough to get through the second one!



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