Thursday, June 01, 2006

I love my library.....

Regular visitors will know that I love my libraries, but I found out something on my last visit which has got me thinking. It turns out that my main library doesn't really like romance. Yes they have romance novels but, as I overheard last night, they do not BUY any. Whatever ones they do get is only because someone has donated them. Explains why there are some pretty big gaps in their collection, like some Kleypas books and the like.

I wonder how many other genres are the same as this?

In other news, my tendency to put lots of books on request is beginning to cause problems. I just picked up five books last night, and now another two have come in, and I am reserve no. 1 on another three or four. This could all go horribly wrong!!


  1. Poor you. If it makes you feel any better I got tired of searching for JD Robb books second hand and bought book 3 and 4 today. Did I need them? No! lol. I just had book 5 and wanted to fill in some gaps...

  2. hey Marg, sounds like my library experience - I'm usually pretty high up on the reserve lists and usually have a flood of books at the same time. I just go with it. LOL

    It sucks that they don't order romance. I love my library, because they do. hehehe

  3. Sounds like your library might need to learn about what romance readers want from them? :) American public libraries have gotten educated about this thanks to Romance Writers of America, who does outreach to libraries, as well as romance readers. Do they buy other paperbacks, just not romance ones? (I'm a librarian in the USA, at a university library, but we buy romances!)

  4. I presume that they do buy other paperbacks, but don't know for sure. They just rely on whatever donations they get. It was just interesting to me to overhear that as a comment.

  5. That happens to me often - having several books come in from hold at the library all at once. It's exciting and frustrating at the same time.