Monday, August 21, 2006

In other news.......

Well..I know how many books you can request at the library at any one time now....20!

Found out when I went to request a book and the library very politely said "Don't you think you have enough requests already, you greedy cow!".

Now I have been suitably chastened I will have to wait until I can pick a couple of books up before I can request anything else.

Of course, I haven't quite figured out how many books I can have out at any one time yet!

I did ask today about Interlibrary Loans, and the librarian gave me a couple of forms to complete to request books. I thought about asking for the whole pad of forms, but thought it may have been pushing my luck a bit much. The next question is....which ones shall I ask for??


  1. I can't remember what the request limit is at my library. But we also have a feature called "My List" which is basically an area you can make note of the books you want to put on hold but can't because you've reached your request limit. We also have a borrowing limit of 40 items at any one time. Most people look at me like they think that's crazy (who would take out 40 items at one time?) when I tell them about the borrowing policies, but you'd be surprised how many people reach that 40 (usually parents taking books out for their kids). Are you the type to have up to 40 out at any one time?

    Heh... your word verification is ictbbum. I thought it said itchbum for a second. Tee hee... I'm 5 ! ;)

  2. I can just picture the librarian saying this" on't you think you have enough requests already, you greedy cow!".

  3. hm, I know there were books that you could only get at other libraries... but I can't remember what they were.

  4. Kristina: We have the my list feature, but it seems to allow only one book at a time on it so that doesn't help!

    Kail: The First one I requested was The Kitchen Boy. I hope it doesn't take forever to come through!

  5. You're actually lucky that they'll let you request 20 books at a time, but library only lets you have 5 holds at one time.

    I'm jealous now. ;)

  6. I meant to say my library only lets you have 5 holds at one time.

    My jealousy is affecting my english skills. lol.

  7. I need to finish The Kitchen Boy...

  8. Ha! I need to get it, so that I can start it!!

  9. LOL!!

    My library allows only 10 holds at one time I believe and I think we have a limit of 50 books.

    I reach the hold limit all the time but I think I only ever reached the on loan-limit when I actually worked at the library. And then ... well, I just bypassed it anyway. :)

    I have a whole pad of the little yellow interlibrary loan cards at home. So I can fill them out and just drop them off quickly. I sort of borrowed it. LOL

  10. I was there again tonight. The librarian actually asked me wasn't I only there a couple of days ago...well, yes! I'm too scared to ask what the limit is for borrowing! Luckily (or unluckily, I'm not really sure which), the library website is down tonight, so I can't add any more requests to my lists now that I have space after picking up a few books.

  11. First of all, I'm clearly behind in blog reading and commenting. But how funny is it that I reached my limit recently too? ;)

  12. Hehe!! The biggest positive is that at least now I know what the limit is. I haven't quite figured out how many books I am allowed to borrow at any one time!



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