Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October Reading Challenge

Sassymonkey is having an October reading challenge. The challenge is to read three books that have been on your TBR list for some time. I have resisted the urge to do participate in some of the challenges going around, but I think I can meet this one!

My three books are:

The Silver Rose by Susan Carroll.
Poison Study by Maria V Snyder
The Observations by Jane Harris

I'm actually going to try and fit a fourth book in - Exit Unicorns by Cindy Brandner. I have been wanting to finish this for ages but just have never got around to it, so it seems like the perfect opportunity!

Oh, and in exciting news, by participating there was a chance of winning one of three books...and I won!!! So winging it's way to me shortly is When She was Queen by MG Vassanji. Yay!!


  1. A brandnew Canadian release too. :)

  2. Oh...I chose it because it is a new to me author!

  3. Oh, I'll look forward to reading your reviews on these! Poison Study is on my wish list and I have a couple of Susan Carroll's books but haven't read either of them, yet.

  4. The review for Poison Study will be up in a couple of days..finished it a couple of days ago and really liked it!

    There's a couple of Susan Carroll reviews already up:

    The Dark Queen and

    The Courtesan

  5. These sound good. I have The Ovservations on my list, but not the other two. I'll be looking forward to all three reviews.

  6. I should do this. Maybe that would get me out of my reading slump and back to my TBR. Great idea!

  7. Might I suggest, if I may be so brave? You love hisorical fiction, and romance, and all of that jazz!
    May I recommend to you, Marg, the excellent novel called Life Mask by Emma Donoghue?
    Perhaps next month.
    Looks like your October reading challenge has you quite wrapped up.
    Emma Donoghue. Wonderful stuff.
    The best to you.
    -- Cip

  8. Oh...I have had that on my list for ages and had forgotten about it! I read and enjoyed Slammerkin a while ago! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I think I have both The Dark Queen and The Courtesan - I know I definitely have the former. Enjoyed your reviews on those, thanks for the links!! I'm also glad to know you enjoyed Poison Study!!