Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas cards

One of the first kits that I got had a Star punch in it, so you will notice quite a few stars featuring. It also featured Red, Gold, Green and Silver card, along with sticky paper and glitter. This card is just some purple and glittery stars with an off cut off of the side of the card. Making this card confirmed to me that I can NOT cut in a straight line. Luckily I got a trimmer just yesterday so hopefully things will improve in this regard!

More stars - this time cut out of the side of the card, which I think looks cool, but I didn't know what to do underneath. The other thing that happened when making this card was that I got distracted when putting the gold star on the red part of the card, so it isn't exactly where I would like it to be, but it was already stuck!!! Oh well! Sorry about the flash glare!


  1. I really like the Christmas cards and specially this one! And it is a great idea for the Secret Santa exchanges, much more personal than a store bought one... Looking forward to see more ;-)

  2. Thanks Ana!

    I want to try and post them as I make them so that I can see some kind of growth! Hopefully anyway! LOL!!