Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dissection of a sleepover

Warning.....a post that sounds suspiciously like a rant coming up!

My son had a friend over for a sleepover last night. I've met this kid a few times and he's been here to play before, but I have to say he's not my favourite kid, so maybe that colours my judgement but still!

It all starts in the organisation stages. Even when he is asking if he can come over here because his mother is going out, his mother doesn't even have the courtesy to ring me to make arrangements. Everything is all done through the kids. No different for a sleepover. After numerous messages from my son, I ring her up to make arrangements to take him home from school when I pick my own child up, check with her that there is nothing that the child can't eat, shouldn't do etc etc. All clear!

So I pick the kids up, and they go and start playing. Being boys, playing involves wrestling, punching, squashing each other etc etc. Leave each other alone for goodness sake!

Dinner time - What do you want for dinner, other than McDonald's. Pizza? I don't like pizza. Chicken? I don't like chicken. Well how about I cook pasta. I mean you can't go wrong with pasta can you? So I cook pasta and put a very plain tomato pasta sauce on it. First of all he doesn't want to eat because he's not hungry, even though 20 minutes before they were both going where's dinner. then, he doesn't like the sauce. I don't want to eat it. Sulk, sulk, sulk. Fine...I'll cook more damn pasta and you can eat it plain.

As a treat I thought I would take them to the ice cream parlour, but it took so darn long to eat dinner that that is now closed so we'll go through the drive thru for ice cream instead. But I want a sundae - you can both have the same thing. Oooooohhhhh. Even in the car they need to be fighting each other.

More playing, wrestling, start throwing things around the room. That got stopped pretty quickly but now they are both sulking. Arrgghh.

Getting close to bedtime. You can have a shower, clean up the toys and go to bed. I don't want a shower. I want a bath, but I don't want to share a bath. I want to go, I want to go first. Just get in the friggin' shower.

Surprisingly enough, they both went to sleep soon enough.

Okay, so pasta was a problem for dinner, but breakfast has to be pretty safe doesn't it?

What do you want for breakfast? There's Weetbix, Cornflakes, Oats, FibrePlus. I don't like any of those. All right about toast? I don't like toast. Okay, do you just want some bread with jam on? What flavour jam? Strawberry or Raspberry. I don't like either of those flavours. Do you want eggs or something then. No. Oh for god's sake, you can have breakfast when you go home to your house then!

I had said to them that we could make cards this morning. My son loves to do it, and I thought it would be fun. I don't want to. Friggin' the damn TV then. I am going for a shower.

68 minutes to go - there's always tears when someone gets hurt! It was bound to happen!

49 minutes to go - child is still not dressed, hasn't eaten.

40 minutes to go - it's only 10.20am. Is it too early for me to open a bottle of wine or a beer? Especially bearing in mind I have to drive to go and vote at our state election today.

22 minutes to go - is it wrong to be counting down? Would it be wrong of me to take the child home before the agreed time?

17 minutes to go - more tears. But I wanted to play with that. But I had it first.

10 minutes to go - Both of you.....CLEAN YOUR FRIGGING TEETH NOW!!!

6 minutes to go - Through gritted teeth...I said clean your teeth and pack your clothes up.

Child has been taken home. Apparently he had a good time.

It's going to take me all weekend to recover! LOL!!


  1. LOL - ah the torment we go through for our kids! I used to hate doing the sleepover thing.

    (and how are you supposed to know when you get 3 V's or is it a W and then a V or a V and then a W on this word verification thing:) Thank goodness the second one is easier)

  2. Luckily, my niece's sleepovers have never been that bad. Maybe girls are different ~ I don't know. They all seem to have a good time, laugh a lot, stay up way too late, get up way too early and it's over.

  3. I am about at that age where we do sleepover...oh gosh...I hope it's not as eventful as yours was...but it's worth it. He had fun!

  4. What a pain. Most of my son's sleep overs have been fine, but we've had to run boys home in the middle of the night a couple of times.


  5. That sounded very painful indeed! Look on the bright side - it's over and done with and you survived!! It's also the end of year and kids everywhere are feeling tired and stressed - especially mine! You did well to endure it.


  6. Sounds like a sleepover from hell, but then I'm starting to think all sleepover are from hell.

  7. LOL, Marg. I'm not in any hurry to have a sleep over anytime soon after reading this, LOL.
    However, the "I don't eat/like this or that" is why my kids do to me every dang day. Never gets easier.

    BTW - thanks for the input on my blog about the Beta. I appreciated your input. I'm thinking towards it, but perhaps will wait a bit more for the glitches to be unraveled.

    RE: your other post, about books you are going to be reading... I like Sabrina Jeffries and Jayne Ann Krentz? Call me Mega fan of hers, all genres except when she writes as Stephanie Plum. Not too thrilled with that "voice".
    She guest blogged on a romance blog I belong to "Romancing the Blog" which I think you'd enjoy visiting if you haven't found it already, anyway, I and a few Mega fans were a bit giddy and went a tad overboard in our gushing. I think it startled her. I later found out that she's a kind of shy person. You'd never guess that from her writing, though. *grin*

    I've not heard of the rest of the authors your listed, so I'm going to consider them for my TBR pile. Glad I popped on over.
    And thanks again for visiting my blog!!!!

  8. Whoops! I missed my typos. I meant Stephanie JAMES not Plum. Plum is another author's work altogether. LOL

    And I meant to say "WHAT my kids do to me" not, why. *sigh*, too early in the morning ....

  9. I have only read one Jayne Ann Krentz previously, and wasn't blown away. The book that is connected to the one on my list has been recommended to me but I have to read things in order, so that is why I have this one on my list!

    Don't worry about the typos! Half the time I read what I write and, why do I even attempt to write anything! LOL!

  10. Hi Marg!
    I answered your question on my blog about what I've heard as problems for Beta. In fact, you inspired the whole post!

    As for JAK.- I guess she's not for everyone. Those that read her historicals, refuse to read her futuristics. I enjoy most all of them, especially the ones regarding Vanza.(historicals)
    That's why I have about 200 authors I like to read. **cough/cough**

  11. I've heard that the one book I did read wasn't a huge hit even with the die hard fans, so that's why I am going to give her another go.

    Rosario from is a huge JAK fan as well!

  12. OMG, this is hysterically funny. Been there... done that. In my experience girl sleepovers were worse than boy sleepovers. I think you got the kid from hell. OTOH, girls never sleep... they talk ALL night, I swear. But they don't beat each other up so that's a plus.

  13. Hope this works, I tried to reply before.
    I can relate to your experience Marg ! You made me smile even though I know what a miserable time it was for you.
    I don't come into your blog often, but I must make sure I do regularly.
    Hugs, Mon

  14. Hi Cookie!! Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Sleepovers, I remember them well and am so glad they don't happen much any more. Now I just keep frozen prepared food for them to microwave themselves.

    BTW, the mother not calling or checking or anything, most of my boys friends Mom's would drop them off for an overnight without a call if I didn't make it. My boys never did a sleepover at anyone else's house as a result. I could never get a hold of parents. Unbelievable isn't it?

  16. Seems like basic courtesy to me!!

  17. You are a great mom! I would have thrown bread on the table and said, have at it. But that's why I'm not a mom ;)

    Aren't kids funny. My Godson is horrible for saying 'I don't like that' and he gets away with it. He pretty much eats peanut butter (from the jar because he's over bread) and then anything that is a sweet. Puddings, chocolate, fruit roll ups etc. Won't eat anything else and he's now five.