Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another reading challenge?

Saw the details of 2007 TBR Challenge over at Literary Feline's blog.

Now, this month I have done appallingly at the two challenges that I have signed up at. I haven't read any of the books that I said I would read for the November Challenge, and I am yet to read any of the books that I said I would for the From the Stacks challenge. Admittedly I still have a couple of months for that one but still...haven't even started!

In light of that I am not going to sign up just yet for the 2007 TBR challenge, although it is tempting...let's see if I can resist it! It doesn't often happen that I can!

1 comment:

  1. I used to do the TBR challenges but this last year has been poor for reading so *thinking* I have to read something specific instead of whatever finally grabs me is daunting. So good on you for at least trying!