Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day

For the origins of Boxing Day there is a post up at Dishing with the Divas. These days, Boxing Day in Australia means 3 things:

The start of the Boxing Day cricket test in Melbourne.

The start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

The start of the post Christmas sales.

This year the cricket is against the old enemy - England. Having already won back the Ashes, the focus yesterday was on whether or not Shane Warne would get his 700th test wicket...which he did. It was a pretty good day all round for Australia really. Pity that it was so cold here in Melbourne, but I am sure a good time was had by all 90000 people that went to see it live. I was happy just to watch it on TV!

The Sydney to Hobart yacht race provides some amazing pictures as all the yachts compete for space on Sydney Harbour with all the pleasure yachts as the race starts. There have been reports this morning that there are some problems out in the ocean, with some wounded men. Hopefully no one is seriously injured. A few years ago several men died while competing in the race.

As for the Christmas sales, we went to a book clearance warehouse and I bought a few books. We did go to one of the big shopping centres but the car parking was horrendous! I was happy just to come home and relax.

So what else did I do - I cleaned out the fridge and freezer....I know how to celebrate!

And now back to work. I was so looking forward to a four day weekend, but it has once again so quickly and I am not quite ready to go back to I have to go??

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  1. I so don't do boxing day sales. Toooooo many people. I hate crowds. ;)