Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kiss From a Rogue by Shirley Karr

A woman of the night . . .

Her inherited estate is bankrupt, but Lady Sylvia Montgomery will never allow the townsfolk who depend on her to starve. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the plucky beauty reluctantly assumes the leadership of a smuggling operation—a mantle that fits her surprisingly well. However, the perilous enterprise may be more than one resourceful, genteel lady can manage alone. Luckily, help is on the way—in a most deliciously enticing masculine form!

A rogue in training . . .

Stripped of all familial responsibilities when his brother, the earl, returns from war, Anthony Sinclair has decided to become a rakehell. His pursuit of pleasure has led him to a village with a secret—and to an intoxicating lady involved in criminal activities. By rights, he should simply seduce the wench, have his way with her, then vanish. But the bewitching Sylvia has captured Tony's heart. And to win her love he will join her in turbulent and dangerously exciting waters where no true rake would ever venture.

I originally read Shirley Karr's What an Earl Wants when she was Author of the Month for one of the groups that I am in. When I noticed that this was at the library I thought I would give it another go, not realising that in effect it was a follow up from the first book. Tony Sinclair is the brother of the hero in What an Earl Wants.

I am tempted to say that there was nothing new in this book that I haven't read before, but then as I think about it a bit more there actually were some unique elements. Having said that all the parts that weren't completely original were very well written and overall the book was an entertaining read. Entertaining enough for me to want to read the next book which is another spinoff from this book I believe.

Sylvia was a bit of a doormat, but mostley because she loved the people who surroundered her and felt responsible for them and so would do absolutely anything to help them. The cast of secondary characters was quite large but they were all quite distinct characters who didn't merge into each other in the way that secondary characters sometimes do.

I really liked Tony. Then again...I am always quite partial to a good looking hero!!!

I originally finished this book on 5 December.

Rating 4/5

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