Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And have you ever wondered...... one person can have such incongruous thought patterns in one night!

From erotic romances to Bible smuggling.

Not my most normal night of blogging! LOL!!


  1. Just wanted to say Happy New Year and lol, yeah, I've met people who started on one end and ended up on the other. At least they had some rather interesting experiences along the way. ^_^

  2. Marg not to make light of your problems with your thoughts but maybe its just pms. LOL my thoughts get really weird every month. Seriously though your not the only one who grew up in a christian church and yeap like you was very active at one time. Now hubby has to fight me to get me to go on Sundays. Honestly I would only admit this on your blog but I am not really sure what I believe now. I hate pretending to be something I'm not. Oh and as far as the erotic books I have read only one. I guess if you can stand to read about that much sex a person might enjoy them. There must be people that enjoy them cause the bookstores sure sell alot of them.

  3. Hey Marg! I wanted to say Happy New Year to you too!! Hope all is well...even though you are having some weird random thoughts!

  4. Yes, there definitely are some interesting stories out there Mailyn!

    Kathy, nope not PMS, just strange thoughts. I went into work and talked to a couple of the people who work with me who come from a similar background and they say they have these same kinds of thoughts - it's like it is programmed into you! And I don't go to church at all, and probably have similar thoughts around what I believe!

    Stephanie, thanks!! Hope you are feeling better now!



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