Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do you ever wonder... people who grew up in a very similar environment to you end up in a completely different life situation?

I grew up in a relatively conservative Christian environment...wait, that's not exactly true...I spent a lot of time involved with church activities including leadership. Home was a different matter, and now I work for a church but I don't go to church and I certainly don't live that lifestyle at all.

Anyway, my point is - here I am in my average, average life when there are others who come from a similar background to me who are busy smuggling Bibles into China! The contrast is immense!

Maybe it is just the time of year, or the fact that it is nearly 1.30 in the morning and I have to get up and go to work in just over 4 and a half hours, but this is what I have been thinking about for the last couple of hours or so.

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