Monday, January 01, 2007

Reading resolutions for 2007

I have given a little thought to my reading resolutions for this year, but I am afraid a couple of them are going to be a little vague. I am hoping to tighten up on them during the year.

For 2007 my reading resolutions are:

Read 200 books - this is actually less than I read last year, but there is a reason for this! I am hopeful that sometime this year I am going to be able to change my job and actually be based much closer to home. If that happens then I will lose my 2 and a half to 3 hours of reading time every day so 200 will be a real stretch without that.

Read 15 books that I already own as at 1 January 2007 - Last year, I borrowed a lot of books from the library - most of what I read in fact. Given that I have 136 books that I own at the moment that I haven't read, I figure I will be doing well if I can read just over 10% of them.

Read Dorothy Dunnett - every time I see a post from someone that is reviewing a book by Dorothy Dunnett, I post a comment saying something along the lines of "I really want to read her". This year I am going to. In order to kick start this I have just requested The Game of Kings from the library.

Read more Australian Authors - Unless there are some authors that I didn't know are Aussies, I only read 5 books by Australian Authors in 2006. Pathetic - must do better. If I can double that number then I will be happy.

Shortlists - it is my intention to read the shortlists for the Booker and either the Orange Prize or the Pullitzer Prize.

Blogging - try not to get so far behind on reviews, or to put pressure on myself when I do get behind!

Looking at it all written down like that I am a bit concerned that I haven't left myself a lot of room for reading for fun, but we will see how we go!


  1. I still have to work on my New Year resolutions but reading Dorothy Dunnett is definetely among my goals for 2007. Now that I got A Game of Kings for Christmas I really have no excuse not to :-)

  2. Holy Cow Marg! Thoses are some big resolutions! I'm just hoping to get through my 2007 TBR challenge and read more than this year!! Glad to see you stopped bye. Still feeling lousy. I'm off to take a nap!

  3. Best of luck with your resolutions! Happy New Year!

  4. Marg I like the resolution of reading at least 15 books you currently own. Thats a really good ideal since I am the worst about having tons of books that I haven't read and still go out and buy more.

  5. You put me to shame!

    Hey, if you need to borrow from the library then have at it. I'm not sure what the current book count is here at my house because I pretty much buy all the books I read. Spoiled rotten I know!

    OMG - you and I should do a Dunnett challenge - for all those readers who have said, 'I really want to read her' and haven't! Okay, you and I can just do it but since you have already ordered the first book I think I'll be behind. I'm planning on easing my way into reading again by starting with romantic anthologies and then just picking and choosing until I get back into my reading mojo.

    I also think I should read more Canadian Authors and the award books but I find that I get easily distracted if the book isn't something that I'm willing to sit still for so much luck to you and on that front!

    As to blogging, give yourself credit! You rock the reviews and if you get behind then just move stuff around. Be more 'Zen' in your blogging ;) No stress blogging I say ;)


  6. I'm up for a Dorothy Dunnett challenge, and I think I know a few other bloggers who will be up for it. I have only ordered it from the library so I don't have to read it straight away!! It's a fantastic idea!!

  7. Nice resolutions Marg :D I'm sure you're going to be able to attain them :D I'm not setting any for myself tho :P



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