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Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop

Now return to the realm of the Blood in Dreams Made Flesh - featuring four revelatory all-new adventures of Jaenelle and her kindred...

Jaenelle is the most powerful Witch ever known, centuries of hopes and dreams made flesh at last. She has forged ties with three of the realm's mightiest Blood warriors; Saetan, the High Lord of Hell, who trains Jaenelle in magic and adopts her as his daughter; Lucivar, the winged Eyrien warlord who becomes her protector; and Daemon, born to be Witch's lover. Jaenelle has assumed her rightful place as Queen of the Darkness and restored order and peace to the realms...but at a terrible cost.

In Dreams Made Flesh, discover the origin of the mystical Jewels, and experience the forbidden passion between Lucivar and a simple hearth witch. Witness the clash between Saetan and a Priestess that may forever change reality. And learn whether the sacrifice of Jaenelle's magic has destroyed any hope of happiness between her and Daemon.

Weaver of Dreams

The magic of the Darkness is passed from one race to another as new caretakers for the Realms are chosen in this tale of the origin of the Jewels of power...

Weaver of Dreams is a short story, coming in at only 10 pages. It tells the story of how the Blood comes into being. I have to admit that I read this story twice and was still a little lost. However, having said that, we do get some understanding of who Draca is, who is one of the significant secondary characters that appear in the first three novels.

The Prince of Ebon Rih

Under the cold eye of his aristocratic mother, Eyrien Warlord Prince Lucivar Yaslana struggles with his feelings for his housekeeper, the hearth witch Marian...

The Prince of Ebon Rih is a novella length story that is set between Heir to the Shadows and Queen of the Darkness. It tells the story of Lucivar and Marian - her background, her skills, how they fall in love. It was a really romantic tale, showing us again how strong the family bond is between Saetan, Lucivar and Jaenelle, as well as exposing Jaenelle's sense of fun and perceptive nature. We are also introduced us to a character who plays a significant role in the fourth story in this book.


The Queen of Zuulaman believe they can coerce Saetan into doing their bidding by threatening the life of his child - only to unleash the High Lord of Hell's incalculable fury.

Another short story, this time about 30 pages long, that shows just how powerful The High Lord of Hell is when he loses control of his power when a couple of Queens who should know better cause him unspeakable pain. Frightening. Even more frightening is the fact that Daemon seems to have even less self control. This story also explains some background information regarding the relationship between Saetan and Hekatah. All through the trilogy, Hekatah is one of the thorns in Saetan's side, but their original source of hate has not been explained until now - and boy does she deserve it!

Kaeleer's Heart

Daemon fears Jaenelle will never recover from sacrificing her Black Jewels to purge the Realm of the corrupt Queens. He desires nothing more than to heal her, body and soul - and help her unravel the secret of Twilight's Dawn, the Jewel Jaenelle now

Another novella length story, this time focusing on the relationship between Daemon and Jaenelle. As Jaenelle is recovering from the incredible strain and toll that was placed on her to stop all out war between the territories, Daemon is anxious to ensure that he does nothing to hurt her or harm her in any way. As he treats her as an invalid, she is looking for confirmation that he still wants her, the way she is now, as opposed to her previous all powerful Queen status.

It doesn't help that a lady has decided that Daemon is hers and that she must free him, any way she can and at any cost, so that he can be with her.

Does Daemon actually possess the self control required to be a fair and just leader. This is where he is put to the test.

Another romantic tale, also featuring Saetan, Surreal and Lucivar, and several other secondary characters.

Overall this was an entertaining return to the world of the Black Jewels trilogy. There is apparently going to be another Black Jewels book sometime in the next year or so, and I will definitely be getting it as soon as I possible can after it comes out. Now I am going to try her other trilogy and see if I find it as enjoyable as I did this one!

Rating 4/5

By the way...it's always interesting doing spell check on a post like this....so many spelling errors...according to blogger anyway! LOL!

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  1. Hey Marg!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book. To my great shame, I only read Lucivar's story and Jaenelle and Daemon's. The other two were too short to hold my attention ^^;

  2. The third story was relevant, so if you still have the book I would probably give that a quick scan. The other I wouldn't bother about too much.

  3. I'm curious to know what you think of her other trilogy, Marg. I have only read her Black Jewels related books--and really enjoyed them. I'm glad to see that you did too! :-)

  4. I picked up the first book in the other trilogy tonight from the library, so I should get to it relatively soon!

  5. hm, since I own this book, I think I will read the short story that falls in between book 2 and 3 before I read book 3...

  6. I've read Kaeleer's Heart and The Prince of Ebon Rih and number of times. I just love Daemon and Lucivar. The Zulamaan story was interesting but rough. Hekatah was just so awful.

    Have you read "The Invisible Ring" (I think that's what it's called)? I own it, but I don't think I've actually read it.

    Excited that there's more to come.

  7. I have The Black Jewel Trilogy on my TBR. I went out and got the books, just never had a chance to read them! I'm thinking I may have to pick them up next month. I take it you liked them??

  8. I still have Black Jewel Trilogy tbr too--I need to get to them!

  9. Devon, I have read The Invisible Ring and really liked it.

    Stephanie and Jennie you really do need to move these up the TBR pile!



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