Monday, February 19, 2007

Historical Fiction meme

Susan Higginbotham has adapted a meme that has been going around for those HF fans around the blogosphere.

Straight Historical, Historical Mystery, Historical Fantasy, Historical Romance, or Time Travel?

You know, I really am not fussy, although I probably read the most of Straight Historical and Historical Romance.

Historical Figures as Main Characters or Purely Fictional Characters in Historical Settings as Main Characters?

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea - I really am happy reading either of these as well.

Hardback, Trade Paperback, or Mass Market Paperback?

My preference is Trade Paperback, then Mass Market Paperback. I buy very few Hardbacks.

Philippa Gregory or Margaret George?

I have only read one Margaret George, which I really liked, but I will have to go with Philippa Gregory seeing as I have read a lot more of her books.

Amazon or Brick and Mortar?

Hmm. The reality is that my answer would probably be neither because I get most of my books from the library. I don't get to browse through the bookstore anymore when I go because usually I know exactly what book I am going to get when I get to the bookstore, so I guess I will go with Amazon.

Bernard Cornwell or Sharon Penman?

No question here for me. Sharon Penman all the way!

Barnes & Noble or Borders?

Borders, because we don't have Barnes and Noble here.

First Historical Novel You Ever Remember Reading?

I am going to go with Jean Plaidy. I can't remember exactly which ones I read but I went through a glom (even though I would never have known what that meant at the time!) of her work when I was in early high school.

Alphabetize by Author, Alphabetize by Title, or Random?

Kind of random really. I arrange all of my trade paperbacks together and all of my mass markets together, group books together by author but don't alphabetise.

Keep, Throw Away, or Sell?

Keep...except if they are library books. I find it really hard to get rid of books.

Jean Plaidy or Norah Lofts?

Jean Plaidy. Never read any Norah Lofts.

Read with Dust Jacket or Remove It?

On the odd occasion when I am reading a hard cover that isn't from the library I would leave it on.

Stop Reading When Tired or at Chapter Breaks?

Chapter breaks for me, preferably at the end of a chapter that is divisible by 5.

“It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”?


Buy or Borrow?


Posie Graeme-Evans or Pamela Kaufman?

Well, I've never read Kaufman. I have read two of Posie Graeme-Evans and have the third book here to read one day, but I did have some issues, particularly with the first book.

Buying Choice: Book Reviews, Recommendations, or Browsing?

Recommendations usually.

Dorothy Dunnett or Anya Seton?

I have read a couple of Seton, but I have every intention of reading more of her and Dunnett also......can I defer this answer for now?

Tidy Ending or Cliffhanger?

Tidy ending, tied up in a big bow.

Sticking Close to Known Historical Fact, or Using Historical Fact as Wallpaper?

Sticking Close to the facts, although as long as the author includes a note to explain where they have deviated from known history and why I will be happy.

Morning Reading, Afternoon Reading or Nighttime Reading?

All of the above, but mostly on the train.

Series or Standalone?

I'm a sucker for a series.

Favorite Book of Which Nobody Else Has Heard?

Hmmm...don't know. I'll go with Noel Barber. I think he was probably very popular in the late 80's, but I never see anything about him anymore. I love his multigenerational family sagas!


  1. Oh I should have waited to do your version of the meme. Great answers.

  2. That's a great version! I also went through a period in high school of reading every Jean Plaidy I could get my hands on - most of them were from the library but I still have a couple copies that I was able to find in print. Recently I've seen that her books have been reprinted so I'm glad to see she's going to be read by a new generation of historical fiction fans.

  3. LOL--I've seen this in its romance and fantasy versions--now historical fiction! This brought up some authors that I'd almost forgotten about: Norah Lofts, I had an old favorite by her but I can't remember the title. Wait! I think it was Madsalen, or something, I'll have to see if my Mom still has it. And Pamela Kaufman is great too.

  4. what does meme mean?

  5. I think it is called a meme because it is all about Me-Me!



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