Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Easter Cards

The workshop that I am going to once a month has a set challenge each month, which I think I have mentioned before. This month was supposed to be stamping, but now that is being changed to next month, and this month's challenge is going to be Easter.

I don't have a problem with changing challenges but my question is....do people give cards at Easter? I don't think I have ever given or received, or seen anyone else give or receive!


  1. I don't but my mum and gran do. There are also loads in the shops so some people must be sending them! Maybe it's the more religious people as it's a big deal in the Christian world and the chocolate worshipping world/

    Whereabouts in the world is your card making group out of interest?

  2. In suburban Melbourne

  3. I use to work at a church and I know people there were into giving cards at Easter time. Mainly the elderly. But it was a big deal, some would special order a bunch.



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