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Just the other day, Sybil had a post up which basically asks which books do you reread. It's a question that comes up pretty regularly on message boards on the like, and my answer is always the same....I don't. Not often anyway.

That's not to say that I wouldn't like to reread. I mean, that's why I don't get rid of the books that I do buy, because I do want them there because there are often days when I think "Gee I would like to reread that book" but I don't usually get to it. In fact, out of the 227 books I read last year, there was only one that was a reread and that was Summer of My German Soldier - a book that I first read in early high school.

The reason why I don't reread is that there are too many good books out there that I haven't read yet. I have about 35 books out from the library, as well as over 140 books that I own that I haven't read yet, and yet more on my TBR list that I haven't gotten around to either buying or borrowing yet.

The other thing is that on those odd occasions that I do start a reread I end up getting distracted, putting the book down and never picking it up again, even for things like discussions. Recently I was supposed to read a book again for a chapter by chapter discussion. I even went and bought the book so that I could because the first time I read the book I had borrowed it from the library, but I got up to about chapter 9 and just haven't picked it up again.

So a couple of questions. Are there other readers out there that don't reread? And to those people who do reread all the time, do you read the whole book again or do you just skim through and read certain parts?


  1. I don't reread for the same reason as you, too many good books out there that I want to read, and for the simple reason that if I like a book, I have a hard time forgetting it enough to read it again.

  2. I reread quite frequently, moreso now than in the past. I rather feel like it's visiting with an old, dearly loved friend. But it does have to be a few years since the last read, usually, because if I remember it all I get bored pretty quick. And for some reason it's mostly YA books, which are quick and easy reads anyway.

  3. I re-read by accident most of the time. Either I'm cleaning out books and read the blurb or remember how much I enjoyed it and the next thing I know I'm re-reading it.

    Another way I re-read is because despite my towering TBR nothing lights my fancy and my subconcious with remember some book I really enjoyed and I'll searching the book shelves for the book to read it again.

    I usually re-read something about once a year. I already re-read the PROMISE series by Sarah McCarty in January this year which was unusual because I read all 3 books of the series. I'm probably done with the re-reads for awhile now.

    Should have probably saved this for a post since it's so long!

  4. I rarely re-read because there are just too many other books waiting. When I do it's usually because of a book group and we are reading something I've already read. If that's the case I'll go back to refresh my memory.

  5. wow

    love the new look!

    Me... I reread allll the time if I can.

  6. I don't reread as much as I used to, but occasionally I do. But I really only reread my favorite, favorite books, and usually only when I'm feeling sick or blue. It's comfort reading. :)

    And I know I'm late with this, but love your new template! Very pretty.

  7. This explained why my TBR pile is raising up ;) It seem I been adding more books on my TBR pile than just reading the books to bring my TBR pile down *sigh*

    I do re-read books. If most people have read at my blog, am big fan of series reader. So once in awhile I would want to go back and re-read to remmeber those old favorite characters. My main reason I re-read though, is because when an authors have a latest book out that is part of an on going series, I like to re-read the older books to get refresh on some of the other characters that will make apperance in the latest book. It help me to remember things.

    But I do re-read old favorite stand alone as well, if am re-reading it with a friend or group of friends.

    This is fun question, Marg :)

  8. I am not much of a rereader either--too many books I haven't read that I want to read first! I do have favorites I wouldn't mind rereading someday . . . I'm just not sure when that someday will arrive. There are only three books I've reread over the years: Girl of the Limberlost, Jane Eyre, and Pride and Prejudice. I've read each one twice.

  9. These days, I don't re-read entire books much, but I do re-read my favorite excerpts.

  10. I do re-read. The books that I buy are ones that I will definately re-read. The reason that I bought them in the first place. I don't think I have many in my collection that have only been read once.

    Ones from the library I don't usually re-read unless they are ones that I have read a long time ago and are again talked about or rereleased etc. Then I read again to refresh my memory. Others I re-read due to not quite "getting" it the first time, or realising that I missed bits, or misinterpreted bits the first time. Da Vinci Code was a re-read due to that!

  11. Before I started keeping a record of the books I read (only 2 years ago), I was a voracious re-reader. I'd read books a dozen times if I loved them: "The Pursuit of Love", "The Accidental Tourist", "Terms of endearment", "Heartburn". Now, thanks to the blogging book world I've heard of so many interesting books that I don't have time to reread much any more.

  12. Firstly, let me start by saying :
    227 Books in one year ! I'm flabbergasted. That's almost 1 book every 2 days. How many hours a day do you read for ? :)
    That is a stellar perfomance !

    As regards re-reading, I don't think I could do it, knowing there are so many books out there, most of which one will never get to.

    Great site. I'll definitely be back to read more.

  13. I have a very long commute, so I get to do lots of reading on the train. Thanks for commenting!



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