Saturday, June 23, 2007

And THIS is why I don't read series out of order!

I am currently reading Borrower of the Night, which is the first book in the Vicky Bliss series of mysteries by Elizabeth Peters. I actually listened to the second book in the series, The Street of the Five Moons, when I went away at Easter because there weren't really many other audiobooks available at the library that I wanted to listen to.

As I am reading Borrower, I have actually been pretty distracted, because I don't remember any mention of one of the main characters from this book in Five Moons. So how could Tony just disappear without a mention in the second book? I even asked someone I know who read the second book more recently than I did, but they don't remember any mention either. I asked her if I just didn't remember because the name had no significance to me when I read it! Maybe all will be explained eventually, but in the meantime it is definitely distracting.

Of course, I could have just listened to those Vicky Bliss fans who suggested that it would be no big deal if I didn't read this one in the first place!


  1. I have Borrower of The Night in the TBR pile so I'm looking forward to your comments about it.

  2. I think of Borrower as kind of an extra story from Vicky's past, rather than as part of the VB series proper. Here you do get some nice stuff like her introduction to Schmidt and how she got her job, but not much more. It's a bit like The Camelot Caper for John... some background, but not really relevant for the actual books of the series.

  3. So do we ever find out what happened to Tony?

    I must remember to add The Camelot Caper to my TBR list!

  4. He makes a re-appearance in Trojan Gold, which I've just finished reading. I think Rosario's right - Borrowers's more of a prequel to the series really...

  5. I try to always read a series in order as otherwise you get distracted as you said or you ruin parts of the plot if you read the later books first. The continuity works better if you start from the beginning.

  6. Oh yeah, I hate not reading in order because some series will talk about important stuff or give away the ending of the previous books.

  7. I can't stand reading series out of order either. I was in the bookstore yesterday and a woman was telling me about two series being good that I was looking at. I asked the order of the two series and she said she didnt know, she just read whichever one she picked up in no order. Yech!



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