Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stephen King - Book defacer!

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Stephen King was accused of defacing books in an Alice Springs bookshop. Apparently he walked into a bookstore in the town, and just started signing copies of his books, but eagle eyed customers thought he was defacing the books and reported him to management! The store manager then managed to track him down in the local supermarket for a chat!


  1. First of all, why would Stephen Kind deface his own books? Morons.

  2. I don't think they knew it was him. He has been pretty publicity shy over the years.

  3. Ha ha, this is hilarious. It makes me want to write a post about the time this bookstore person accused me of stealing a book.

  4. I wonder what he was doing in Alice Springs? I love the fact that the Dymocks manager followed him to Wooleys and wanted to bake him a cake!

  5. Okay, that's just weird, if you ask me! I love the way the manager chased him down and told him she'd happily have baked him a cake, then said "I'll leave you to your tomatoes." LOL What a hoot.

    He's not apparently always shy. My husband rented a car from someone who had rented to Stephen King. She said he seemed a little upset that she didn't recognize him and finally said, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Stephen King." She told him she wasn't a reader, so she had no idea what he looked like. I'm sure he loved that!

  6. Love it! It is quite random though to just start signing your own books for no apparent reason. A little big headed maybe? It would be fun though to buy a copy and then find out it had been signed.

  7. Complete nutters! They could have got his autograph and had a good old chin wag with him"! LOL.

    I think it's great he was signing them.



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