Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Me...jealous? Nooooo!

I was happily reading my book on the train tonight when I looked up, and what did I see? There was a woman standing less than 2 metres away from me reading Lover Unbound by JR Ward! Talk about a distraction. I started to go back to my book, and just looked at the page and thought "I don't wanna read this! Where's my Lover Unbound! Where is it????" I did manage to eventually start reading my book, but as I got off the train the lady was right next to me, so I just had to ask her if it was good or not, even though she wasn't far into it herself!

So....where's mine? Huh? Huh?


  1. LOL the anxiety!! You should have asked where did she get it :-) It's still not out is it? I've already read some spoilers... some readers are angry but I'll say no more!

  2. I'm picking my copy up today. :-D

  3. I know where she got it from! My problem is that I preordered so just have to wait for it to come in the post!

  4. Yes, but was she enjoying it!!???


  5. That you didn't rip it off her and run shows incredible restraint. Gosh. Where's mine as well?

  6. She said she was enjoying it!

  7. Not to bust anyone’s bubble but it’s not good to buy books early even though the store has it on the shelf. A lot of authors will not let wal mart sell their books anymore because the books sold before the realize date don’t count toward there sells. I always preorder my books anyways so I don’t have to worry about it, but I do love when Amazon ships my books early. I’m still envious though I can’t wait to read Wards new book.

  8. I have preordered mine as well...although I am not sure whether or how romance counts in terms of bestseller lists here in Australia.

    I rang the bookstore today, and they still haven't got theirs in. They are expecting it this week, so it will be mid next week before I get it at the earliest!



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