Monday, September 17, 2007

Witness in Death by J D Robb

Opening night at New York's New Globe Theater turns from stage scene to crime scene when the leading man is stabbed to death center stage. Now Eve Dallas has a high-profile, celebrity homicide on her hands. Not only is she lead detective, she's also a witness - and when the press discovers that her husband owns the theater, there's more media spotlight than either can handle. The only way out is to move fast. Question everyone and everything...and in the meantime, try to tell the difference between the truth - and really good acting...

It almost seems as though every time I write a review of a JD Robb book, at some point or another I will say something along the lines of 'it's amazing how consistently well written this series is' and to be honest, I am not going to be saying anything different this time either!

Eve and Roarke are attending the opening night of a play at his newly renovated theatre. The play is Witness for the Prosecution, and the night is going well until suddenly it becomes apparent that something has gone horribly wrong. A man was supposed to act as though he had been stabbed, but instead....he has really been stabbed. Now the question is who had the motive to want him dead? Who had the opportunity? How the heck are they going to interview 3000 plus witnesses, and are the main players as innocent as they seem, or just really good actors?

Eve and Roarke again work well together, although as ever, the ghosts of the past are haunting Eve, particularly as the truth comes to light about the victim. Roarke's strength once again shines through, and the partnership that they are building is coming together beautifully.

The twists and turns of the plot were interesting, and whilst in some ways I had figured out where it was going, the final twist was clever enough to be somewhat of a surprise, even if the motiviation wasn't!

J D Robb has got the mix of action between the primary characters (Eve and Roarke) and the secondary characters like Peabody and McNab really well balanced, although there wasn't much of Mavis in this one!

As usual, I can't wait to get to the next one!

Rating 4/5

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