Thursday, October 04, 2007

Up and down day

I have had a very strange day in some ways.

Firstly, my mother left after having spent the last three weeks here. I haven't said much about her being here because I wasn't sure if she would read my blog when it comes up as my start up page or not. She was pretty well behaved...for her....although there were a few occasions when I could have wrung her neck! My son is overjoyed that the TV won't be permanently stuck on the news now!

Secondly, I went to a funeral today. I think that the last funeral I went to was probably 25 years ago. This was the 30 year old daughter of a pretty good friend of mine. She died from a heroin overdose last week, leaving behind four children varying in age from 18 months to 9 years. It was actually quite a difficult experience as there had been many issues over the years with mental health issues and drug use, and there were definitely some strange moments both during and after the funeral. The most overwhelming thought for me though was....what a waste. Those poor kids are going to grow up without a mother as a result of sad.

After going back to the house for coffee for half an hour or so, I actually went shopping, and managed to start my Christmas shopping for this year. Yes, you read right! Normally I don't start Christmas shopping until at least December, but there were such good deals on console games that I couldn't not buy any!

While I was out shopping, I bought a new brand of hand cream but I don't really think I like it! It feels okay now that I have had it on for an hour, but before that it seemed quite tacky and sticky. Not sure whether I will force myself to finish the tube and then go look for another brand, or whether I will just give up on this one.

So, now I sit here in my quiet house, able to fully relax for the first time in 3 weeks! Phew! I'm off to read!

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  1. No matter how much you love someone after they've been at your house for an extended stay it feels like a reprieve when they leave, doesn't it? It sure does to me.

    Funerals are hard. This one sounds particularly so. Four small children without a Mom is a tragedy.