Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 Reading Resolutions

So I have done the 2007 year in review posts, but what I haven't posted yet are my 2008 reading resolutions. I had a somewhat mixed year in terms of my reading resolutions last year, but I will be keeping at least some of those same goals this year.

Read 150 books - this is a significant drop in the number of books I read this year, but I really want to get a new job much closer to home and so I will have much less reading time!

Blogging - catch up and keep up!

Australian Authors - I would like to read at least 20 books by Australian authors this year.

Library - I really need to get the number of books that I have out from the library down to say 35, and keep it there. Ill be going a post of all my library books shortly, and I am pretty sure that you will agree that it is over the top at the moment!

Challenges - I am going to be joining in on challenges this year, but I want them to be ones that will help me reduce my huge TBR list down a bit!

Books I Own - I want to read at least 15 books that I owned as at 31 December 2007!


  1. These are some great goals. I try to use books I own for the reading challenges - for me it really has helped me get to those shelf sitters! Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. I'm doing my own little TBR challenge ~ reading at least 1 book from Mt TBR each month. The only problem I foresee is that I usually add more than that to the pile every month.

  3. I'm with you on the last - I have waaaay too many in my TBR. I did get through quite a few in the holidays, so am quite pleased at the mo!


  4. I like these resolutions Marg.
    I have enough unread books around including the maximum of 30 from my library to last me for a year- if I didn't acquire more, and more didn't get published by authors that I really love reading.