Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I need someone who is good with DVD players

Does anyone know anyone who is good with electronics who can program my DVD player to be able to automatically take some actions. My request is very specific.

You see, the DVD player needs to firstly recognise that the disc that has been put in there is North and South (the Elizabeth Gaskell version not the US version, although I wouldn't really mind watching that one again either).

The second requirement is that the DVD player must understand that as soon as I have finished watching the second disc that it automatically needs to reset itself so that I can watch the final scene over and over again, at least four or five times in succession. The DVD must also understand that it is likely that this sequence of events is going to need to be followed quite regularly for a number of days, and also that it could be that I might wish to replay numerous other scenes randomly as well.

Of course, if my DVD player could be coordinated with my computer so that it knows that not longer after watching the last scene of North and South several times I am going to NEED to go to Youtube and watch the final two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley where Richard Armitage co-stars that would be great too! He's too damn fine to just watch in just one show!

That final scene of North and South....sigh........ could I just say that he had me at "Where are you going?"

I am so glad that my son gave me this for Christmas, even though I had to buy it and wrap it myself. It's a bit sad really. I gave myself Elizabeth and Pride and Prejudice for Christmas as well, but I still haven't unwrapped the plastic off those DVDs yet! Maybe by the time we get to February I will be ready to crack them open!

If you want to read more about the Great North and South Crusade, I think that campaign headquarters are to be found over at Ramblings on Romance!.

By the way, even though Richard Armitage is definitely one of THE best reasons to watch North and South, he is not the only reason. I can't remember who, but someone mentioned that Nicholas Higgins was quite good too..and I have to agree! If you want someone a bit rougher around the edges he is definitely worth giving a look.


  1. I mentioned I had a crush on Nicholas Higgins ~ but I doubt I'm the first one to have said it. I'm so glad you liked it!! I could easily rewatch this all the time and be perfectly content.

  2. Great post. I hope you are able to program your DVD like that. Or maybe the North and South people could put out a special edition that just runs those scenes repeatedly.

  3. Dev, sorry I couldn't remember who it was! And no, I am sure that you weren't the first and I won't be the last.

    Carolyn Jean....now that's an idea. I'd buy that DVD!

  4. I wish I could help with your DVD - but I'm a technicolgical neanderthall :(
    There are so many good moments aren't there? I think the casting of all the characters is brilliant - not just Thornton. Daniela Denby-Ashe is wonderful at Margaret and Sinead Cusak is equally compelling as the proud mother. And yes, Bendan Coyle - Higgins gives such character to Nicholas Higgins doesn't he?

  5. I did not see it when I watched episodes of Robin Hood but after seeing North and South I've been converted. Thanks for the Vicar of Dibley link! I've watched most episodes of that show but not the finale. Awesome!

  6. can you not simply invite Mr Armitage over in person, perhaps taking care of more than one problem while he is there? A little lawn mowing sans shirt? touch footy with your son? with you watching close at hand...?
    and after all that he will need dinner and a shoulder massage...
    good luck

  7. Friendly PA, I like the way your mind works!

    Janice, glad you enjoyed the Vicar of Dibley link. I only used to watch the show occasionally but I did find these episodes hilarious!

    Kristie, I am a bit technological neanderthal as well. I still haven't managed to get the TV working properly yet! But the DVDs going. I've got my priorities straight!

  8. Alas, I can barely find the on/off switch, so I can't solve your problem :-) But Happy New Year anyway!

  9. Marg, lovely review. Hey, if you figure out how to get your DVD to do these things, you HAVE to let me know. I'm clueless.

    I know Dev mentioned Nicholas, and I had to agree with her. And there are many, many things to love about this series, the best being that scene at the train station. Thanx to Kristie, I'm spreading the word at work too. It's too good not to share.

  10. My mother lives in Queensland, and she had the same problem as you with her DVD player in the end she paid $15.00 to have a man come in and set it up and now it all works as needed..

  11. NORTH AND SOUTH was one of the best things I discovered in 2007! : )

    I've been catching up and just read through some of your stats for the year. Two things struck me, even though I consider myself a list maker, your stats put mine to shame. Second, I admire your wide range of reading topics. I read almost exclusively romance...many sub genres, but romance. This wasn't always the case, but it seems so now.

    You on the other hand seem to cover a wide range of topics and genres. That's just awesome and also inspiring.

  12. I don't think that you can get DVD players to do what I asked ... not without being a computer genius! I went and bought a new cord today so hopefully I can get the TV to work now!

  13. Rosie, I do try to read across a variety of genres. I find it helps me to not get into a reading slump.

  14. I enjoy North and South, it a good movie

    Sorry, I can't help you with your DVD question. But I hope you'll find your answers real soon

    And thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be excited if Diana Gabaldon 7th book come out the end of this year. *Crossing finger that the book release this year* :)

  15. Perhaps you just need to burn the last scene over and over again into a DVD. Then buy a multi-DVD player (do they exist?) so you can switch to the loopy DVD when you're done with the real one. And burn the final two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley on another DVD, which will give you better quality than YouTube.

    Might cost you a bit, but what price lust, eh?