Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Engagement Between Enemies by Kathie DeNosky

Finding out that he was a tycoon's secret grandson shocked Caleb Walker, especially when he was made president of his family's financial consulting company. Yet his biggest surprise was Alyssa Merrick...

Threatened by the new boss, the spitfire constantly fought his innovative ideas. But after a scandalous rumor erupted, honorable Caleb made Alyssa a proposal she couldn't refuse....for Alyssa would do anything to save her professional reputation.

This is the first book The Illegitimate Heirs series by Kathie DeNosky. I read the second book in the series, Reunion of Revenge, when it was included in a 2-in-1 book along with Nalini Singh's Secrets in the Marriage Bed. I was sufficiently interested in the story of the three illegitimate grandsons to want to read more.

Caleb doesn't have a background in finance, but when his grandmother gives him a finance firm to run he has a very steep learning curve. Luckily Alyssa is one of the main managers, and with her assistance his grandmother believes they can make a success of the venture.

Alyssa hides behind a very strict and stern exterior, but Caleb finds himself attracted to her almost instantly. She is also attracted to Caleb despite her aversion to work place relationships following a disastrous experience several years earlier! With his relaxed manner and easy going charm Alyssa knows she is in danger of her careful composed mask slipping.

After going on a business trip together that has numerous problems, Alyssa is mortified that the office staff are gossiping about them, so Caleb does the only obvious thing - proposes that they have a fake engagement.

Overall this wasn't a terrible read, although to be honest the fact that the issues in the relationship were very old fashioned - as does the solution of a fake engagement! Maybe I read too many historicals but this seemed a very old fashioned solution in a contemporary novel!

One thing with these books is they are fast and easy reads!

Rating 3.5/5