Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Love You More by Laura Duksta

I love you longer than the longest lollipop ever lasted.
I love you louder than the loudest rocket ship ever blasted.
I love you taller than the tallest giraffe ever grown.
I love you more, so much more than you've ever known.

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of people who use the phrase "I Love You More" every day? Are you part of that magical giving and receiving of love? If so, then reach out and embrace I LoveYou More, a story about a mother and son, and really, if we are lucky, all of us, who every day can say I Love You More!

Once opened, it is a gorgeous and touching combination of heartfelt message, rhyme and rhythm, and child-like illustrations. Its cleverly conceived flip story, which ends in the middle and starts from either side, will show you what love looks like from both a parent and a child's perspective.

What a lovely book! When I was offered this by Sourcebooks, I wasn't sure about accepting it, because it really isn't something that I normally read. In the end I acquiesced because I thought that if nothing else, once I have read it I can give it to my nephew - now, I'm not sure I want to give it away!

The flip design is in itself a really clever idea - when you read from the front of the book you get the child's thoughts on how much he loves his mother and vice versa from the back, and the slipcover also illustrates the two sides of the story quite well.

The illustrations (by Karen Keesler) are bright and engaging and the story simple and fun. This is definitely a book that little kids will enjoy reading.

I am glad that I did get this book sent to me!

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  1. I love that this book and Princess Bubble were self published!