Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Road to South Africa

Melbourne is quite often called the sporting capital of Australia, and there is often good reason for that! This week alone there have been about 84000 people watch a 20/20 cricket match, and then tonight 54000 watched the Socceroos play the first of the qualifying games for the next World Cup.

Given that then there is also a one day international cricket match on Sunday as well, I had to pick if I was going to go to any of these events, and this time, the cricket won! So that's going to be the highlight of my weekend for sure! Of course, it doesn't hurt that I am going to be in the Member's section and the tickets are pretty reasonably priced! And I get to gasbag with my friend all day as well as an added bonus, and she's a reader so at least some of that chat will be about books!

Getting back to the football (soccer) it was good to see the Socceroos win tonight, and really good to see a lot of the big name players make the trip back home to play for their country (including the very easy on the eyes Lucas Neil). The next test will be next month when we have to play in China. Fingers crossed that we get through to the next stage!

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